Friday, June 4, 2010


It took Mike about three minutes to snap the cap off the bottle of Kraft Ranch Light Dressing, my favorite brand for years. It took minutes more to remove the inner seal. When I finally got to eat my salad, I noticed a tasteless difference and said as much. Mike agreed and commented on the blandness – no zip at all. The only favor I could discern was a faint hint of garlic, and you know that's not one of my favorite flavors. Really, I could barely finish my salad. My plan is to shake the bottle well, and if no improvement is noticeable, I'll probably mix it with some ranch dressing mix from a pouch. If that doesn't help, I have no interest in finishing the bottle. In fact, I've already purchased a different brand for my reserve bottle.

Hallie called recently and as our conversation was winding down, she mentioned that she was making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for supper. "But it's not the same," she said with a tone of wistfulness in her voice. "I'm sure they've changed it because it's just doesn't taste like it used to. Definitely not as good."

And I thought of Campbell's Cream of Tomato Soup – one of my favorites both as soup and as a cooking base. You could always depend on Campbell's Tomato Soup for its smooth tomato flavor, but these days something just isn't right with it. The smooth "yumminess" that made it one of my comfort foods just isn't there. They can't tell me they didn't change it.

And at embroidery club I heard Ann, our token young mother, complaining that Litehouse (brand) had changed the formula of one of her favorite salad dressings and now she doesn't like it at all.

What do you think? Have you noticed flavor / texture changes in your favorite foods? Well, such changes to prepared food won't affect tonight's mostly-from-scratch dinner at our house. We'll have tuna-spinach Bisquick impossible pie. Despite the recent rains, I was able to get into the garden this evening to pick the spinach.

The storms have moved through in wave after wave. When it isn't raining, the sun warms us into the 70s -- even reached 80 the other day. In the picture, Nellie ponders whether or not she wants to get her feet wet or if it would be better to continue her morning nap on her pillow. The flower pots I picked up at the cemetery on Thursday by pre-arrangement with my sister.

The NAIA World Series ended last night when Cumberland beat Lee, both Tennessee teams, 11-9. Mike and I are both anxious to get to the farm again, so stay tuned for further plans. KW


Hallie said...

There is just nothing sweeter than a sleeping puppy! Those are pretty potted plants, by the way.

When I was in junior high, 7UP had a campaign about "Experience the crisp new taste of 7UP!" I wrote them an email to tell them that 7UP tasted exactly the same and maybe a little bit worse...definitely not crisp and new. In response, they sent me coupons for a couple free 2 liters of 7 up and an XXL t-shirt.

debdog42 said...

Try making what we like, Uncle Dan's Classic Ranch. It comes as a seasoning mix in an envelope and you add buttermilk and mayo, I use low fat. It makes a qt. and lasts for months in the fridge. It is good for baked potatos and dipping veggies in. I can guarantee that you will like it better than any other Ranch you have ever had!

Kathy said...

Sleeping Nellie was just a picture waiting to be taken.

Two of the pots were Joni's and one mine. She told me to pick them up on Tuesday after Memorial Day, but I left them until Thursday. The plants have enjoyed the cool, rainy weather.

Well, at least 7-Up tried to convince you. What did you do with the t-shirt.

Thanks for the suggestion, Deb. I'll give it a try.

Hallie said...

I wore the t-shirt as pajamas for a bit. It was so large and boxy that I believe it became a rag.