Saturday, September 10, 2011


Mike and I are enjoying a visit in the Denver area with the Mile High Warnocks (son Yancey and family).

Mike said he wanted to take a picture of Emmy wearing the smock apron made especially for her by Gramma Kathy, so Emmy posed. The fabric has ghosts and pumpkins on it.
We drove fairly hard from Gooding to Denver on Thursday in the hope that we could catch at least part of Annie's softball game. We made it for the last inning. Annie is the catcher.
 Jack and little sister Emmy -- doing what? Geocaching, of course. In the background Grandpa Mike hunts in vain for a cache that seems to be gone.
"She's gonna drink all my water!" Nellie and baby Blanche also eat each others' food, which sent dog owners to chow packages to determine nutritional content.
 Kelly, Emmy and Jack creating with Play-Doh.
I think Nellie enjoys the comfort of a pillow on a pillow. Maybe we'll try that at home.

I was impressed that Emmy and Grandpa shared a rather long reading session. Besides Play-Doh and reading, Emmy loves puzzles, magnetic cardboard dolls, singing, swimming, and games. KW


Chris said...

The apron is adorable, as is it's wearer. Looks like everyone is having a great time, even Nellie. :-)

Leah said...

Life is good.