Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"Ma was a pretty woman with brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She had a sweet voice and sang well even when an old lady. Her hair never turned gray though there were "silver threads" among the brown when she died Sept. 14, 1920, at Bertha's house at Gilbert. She was always kind to everyone, always speaking a good word for the absent and defending them if ill-natured remarks were made. Her life was an example of Christian living, and she never preached to others. As Mrs.Dieterle once said to me, 'Her life is a prayer.'" 


Hallie said...

That was a very sweet description. What is the context for this note? I still wouldn't have guessed her eyes blue from the photo--just because the one where she's older is lower quality.

What do you think that person meant by, "her life is a prayer"? Does that mean she was a very good Christian; does it mean she was blessed; or does it mean that it played out like poetry?

Kathy said...

The description of Lucy came from Ina's life story.

I think you have a sense of what that statement meant. Of course, Mrs. Dieterle isn't here so that we could ask her, but I think Lucy's depth of character was perceptible. She might have been deeply spiritual.

Leah said...

What a lovely tribute from an obviously proud daughter.

Through my genealogy work the past few years, I've become much more aware of the legacy of each person. Their legacy extends their life here on earth. Family stories, recipes or their personality extend into future generations. Often, we never knew a relative and begin to form an opinion of them from letters & stories they left us. We choose our legacy as we live our lives. It is up to others to keep our legacy alive.

Ina may be talking about her mother, but the words she speaks are hers.