Thursday, December 1, 2011


We promised to have a regular tree and we’ll all be children and have a lot of fun out of it. 
Ina Dobson, 1932

An elderly gentleman of my acquaintance requested “an old-fashioned Christmas such as his mother made.” His wife was searching for the big tree lights of yore and old-fashioned ornaments.  My heart went out to him because of his desire, but I was skeptical that this re-creation would be successful. Things have to change as people move through our lives and events shape us. We have to go forward. We can’t go back.

Then I caught myself. Who am I to think such things? Certainly I enjoy and share plenty of nostalgia on this very blog, and the nostalgic Christmas advent project has become a big part of my Christmas celebration. And besides, maybe that man is just tired of the glitz. Maybe all he really wants is a mellower look.

Today begins our 2011 advent project, “Making Christmas.” This year’s sharing is a day-by-day event. (In other words, I’m not exactly sure where this journey will take me.)  I’ll gather illustrations from various eras and also discuss some “real time” activities. We’ll decorate the house from the outside in, make ornaments, discuss gifts and how to wrap them, set our holiday tables, try a few recipes – all in cyberspace where time and reality have little impact.  Or maybe we’ll just sit down with a cup of tea and have a good visit. I’m eager to get started. KW

[The postcard was sent to my grandmother, Nina Portfors, by her aunt and uncle, Grace and Tom Stinson, in 1918.]


Chris said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to this! :-)

DrJulieAnn @ Modern Retro Woman said...

What Chris said :)