Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Only 15 shopping days till Christmas"

It was December 2 and I was feeling the holiday crunch, realizing I could never accomplish all I want to do before Christmas. Seeing I was at the point of hyperventilating, Mike's response was a reassuring "there's plenty of time." 

While I appreciated his calming words, within myself I was saying, "That just isn't so." And I know what's going to happen. On the morning of the 15th, Mike will lay aside the newspaper and say, "What do we have for . . .? What do we have for . . . ? Have you done anything about . . .? What about our cards?" 

And that very night I listened to this song performed by The King's Men on the old-time radio show, Fibber McGee and Molly. I loved the words and with just one time through the catchy tune was in my head. I searched the internet in vain to find the song. I finally wrote out the words as best I could by listening and typing. I suspect this novelty song was written by the group's talented leader, Ken Darby, who also set "The Night Before Christmas" to music -- and did a lot of other wonderful things in the music world, too.
Only 15 shopping days till Christmas,
Still have lots of time.
I’ve decided to skip this year,
I won’t spend a dime.

Only 14 shopping days till Christmas,
Gee! That’s not so long.
I’m just sending out cards this year,
Then I can’t go wrong

I’ll have to buy one little present for Aunt Sarah,
That can wait awhile,
Lots of time to choose . . .

Still got 12 more shopping days till Christmas,
Gee, but it’s a bore!
Let’s see -- 12 days that’s not bad!
Still got plenty more.

Take your time, take your time,
What’s the rush about?
Stop that hurryin’, stop that worryin’;
Hurry and worry is out.

All you’ve gotta do is make out a list
And decide upon the price to pay.
All the dither and the bother and the lather and the pother
Will be done before Christmas Day

Trust me I’ll be ready then
(jingle – jingle – jingle - jingle)
Don’t tell me that’s ol’ Santa Claus comin’ again.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – yipe!

Only five more days till Chistmas --
Better go buy a tree.
Must get Mama that new fur coat
Or she’ll be mad at me.

Only three more shopping days till Christmas,
Lots of things to buy.
Should have started it weeks ago,
How the time does fly.

Almost forgot to get that streamline train for junior
Where’s my shopping list?
Molly and Tony and Michael and Fred --
A dolly, a pony, a cycle, a sled.

Hear me callin’ Santa Claus?
I need your help because there’s only
One little shopping day till Christmas;
Now it’s almost here.

That ol’ feeling gets in your hide,
Comes a stealing up here inside.
I’m not sorry that Christmas time
Comes but once a year.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

[Forgive the old and broken illustration. I'm here at the farm with a slow connection and no applicable art work.] KW


Leah said...

The book may have tape on the spine, but it shows that it has been well loved. Did it belong to Kathy as a child? Or someone else?

Hallie said...

I keep feeling this way. One minute I'm saying there's plenty of time and the next minute I'm feeling anxious that there just ISN'T enough time! the Christmas list is in the works, but really, it's about time together.

I haven't found cards I like yet, but hopefully that will happen. I like to get holiday stamps and I was at the post office to pick up a package the other day and the line to get stamps was so long I didn't bother. I know you can buy them out of the machine, but those aren't as nice--those are thinner.

Leah said...

Hallie, I bought my Xmas stamps online from the USPO a few months ago. You can always get Xmas stamps this way.

Kathy said...

Hallie, you can get holiday stamps from the P.O. online, I think. And you can get them at Costco and Walmart. If those ideas don't appeal, there must be a substation someplace. Want me to buy some and mail them to you?

It *is* about togetherness. And remembrance. And I want to feel ready -- and also pleased with what I've prepared, especially for those who are with me at Christmas.

Yes, Leah, the little book is mine and as it shows, I loved it. It has a happy message of anticipating Christmas festivities.

Leah said...

When I moved to California, I had co-workers from so many countries, our office seemed like the United Nations. It was a large advertising agency in L.A. These people were from India, the Philippines, Japan & Hispanics from Central America & South America. Later, I worked with people from Romania & the Czech Republic. Some co-workers were Jewish and their families had "Hanukkah Trees." When you live in the U.S., you can't ignore Christmas (or its meaning).

It wasn't easy to explain to these people (especially from India) why Americans do so much at Christmas. The Indians I worked with were Hindu. Our special foods, hard candy, gifts, chocolates, decorations, homemade candy, Christmas cards and decorating the house (inside & out) seemed over the top to them. What was hard to explain was why we want to do all of this on top of being with our family at Christmas. When you grow up in America, it's just seems normal.

What is important is not what you do, but whom you are with. Right?

Leah said...

And Christmas music, Christmas movies, Nativity sets, Christmas hymns & of course Handel's Messiah.

Leah said...

And the "Christmas Letters." The letters that profile flawless children, perfect vacations & a well designed new house. Well, some of us don't have perfect lives. Maybe the people that send letters about lives without flaws, don't want us to know about their real lives & the people in them...flawed & normal & probably likeable.

Kathy said...

Yes, and we've been celebrating this way for decades.

Hallie said...

Cards have been purchased and stamps ordered. Thanks for the tip on the stamps--$1 shipping and handling is well worth saving a trip and a long wait in line! :)

Leah said...

Hallie: Let's hope you get your stamps soon. The stamps that I've ordered online come from a USPO warehouse in Kansas City, MO. I think all online stamp orders (USPO) come from the same place. And mail is slower at this time of year. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I know...I suggested buying online, but it's still a good idea.