Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We had a cold spell last week and often as it warms up, we’ll get some snow. And that happened. It snowed Saturday and Sunday and it was beautiful for a few hours even as it makes navigation difficult. 

Here are pictures of Nellie and Bess on point taken during our Sunday afternoon walk. Nellie was first to point, then Bess “backed” her point from the other direction. Eventually a pheasant got up and flew off. 
The warming trend continued and the snow quickly melted off here in the valley. It’s already 56 this forenoon. A predicted wind / rainstorm – what they call the “Pineapple Express”-- has either fizzled or, more likely, is delayed.

Yesterday, Mike and I decided to take advantage of the break in the weather and get out for errands and groceries, along with many other folks.

While we were out, I suggested that we head over to Costco and pick up a new dog pillow for Bess and Nellie. Chris had suggested we check on a pillow from L.L. Bean. Those are expensive, but she had a point (at least, I think she was making a point): we needed to invest some money if we were going to have a substantial dog pillow. We've had dog pillows from Costco before and I decided to pursue that route.

So, heading for the pet department in the back of the warehouse, we came upon a large display of gold dog pillows -- then another – and another. I didn’t particularly care for a gold one, so we continued to the pet department where there was a little more selection. Discussion ensued.

An associate in the back had obviously noticed us and finally approached. “Say, if you folks are looking for a dog bed today,” he began, “we have an over-abundance of gold ones [no kidding!] and we’re in the process of marking them down. For that reduction, my dog doesn’t care what color his pillow is.”

“No, the dog doesn't care, but I might,” I thought to myself. But, it’s not a forever thing, and frankly, gold was as good a color as the others they had. So, we waited around while signs were placed and new tags prepared. Then, we took our gold pillow and checked out.
At home, the removal of the familiar old pillows caused angst in the dog world. As expected, Nellie’s initial reaction was rejection of this new and better pillow while Bess bounced right onto it, taking her half out of the middle, which did not help Nellie’s adjustment. After an afternoon of flirting around with it, they settled onto the new pillow as if it had been there forever.

Nellie does love padding under her bones. KW



Chris said...

My point, yes I had one, was that if you bought from Bean, if it didn't last like you thought it should, you could return it and get your money back. Never a bad thing. :-)

Hallie said...

I like the gold pillow. They're like royalty. It is really funny that those two dogs have such different personalities. Bess' life motto: "Well okay, looks like fun!" Nellie's motto: "I don't know...that's not what I'm used to."

Kathy said...

The trouble is, of course, that Nellie doesn't treat a dog pillow gently, and if she catches a claw in it, it rips.

Kinda like your dad and me, huh, Hallie?

Hallie said...

Ha ha! I guess that IS kind of representative of you and Dad. I hadn't thought of that. Very funny!