Thursday, March 27, 2014


When it’s bedtime, the routine is that Mike turns off TV and calls the dogs to the kitchen to get their teeth brushed. Both Nellie and Bess have their teeth brushed every night. Mike became convinced of that necessity when previous dog, Nobie, had to have her teeth cleaned, a procedure requiring her to be anesthetized. After that, he added "brushing the dog's teeth" to the bedtime routine. Nellie’s teeth are in good shape for a dog her age.

As the next step in the bedtime routine, the dogs make a brief visit to the field. They are expected to return from that visit ASAP, and usually – but not always – that happens. Then they go to the kennel, receive their bedtime treat, and have strange “doglike” interactions as they decide which one will sleep where.

We had two dogloos in the kennel, and a while back, Mike noticed that the shavings in the one house were wet. We haven’t found the reason yet, but Mike pushed that dogloo out of the way behind the kennel and re-installed Nellie’s barrel. The other night the wind was blowing, so Nellie went to bed early. (She doesn’t like to be in the house during a storm.) When Mike took Bess to bed, Nellie wouldn’t allow her to enter the barrel. Of course, the second dogloo was still available for Bess. We don’t know how they resolve these things. They’ve given Mike to know that they prefer to solve their own problems -- and privately. If he tries to watch, they watch him back and refuse to "discuss" their issues until he leaves.

Last night, Mike put both dogs in the kennel and returned to the house to brush his own teeth. As he turned the bedroom light out, I thought I heard a little whine from outside. I didn’t hear it again, so I didn’t mention it. In fact, I just thought I was hearing things. Big mistake! Somehow Bess ducked back out of the kennel before Mike latched the gate and he didn’t notice her, so she spent the night on the outside. Well, it wasn’t cold and she had the outside dogloo at her disposal. No harm done except that she took retribution by chewing the leather strap off Mike’s wood carrier. Apparently it mattered to her that she wasn’t inside the kennel. KW

[Photo 1: Bess has long, floppy ears, and for a Shorthair, her fur is rather long. We call her a long-hair Shorthair. Note the cowlick on the back of her neck. 
Photo 2: Bess wanted so badly to sit with Mike on the sofa. He gave her no encouragement.
Photo 3: Bess seemed posed for this picture.]


Hallie said...

I call her a German MEDIUM hair!

Chuck said...

Any clues to the moisture in the dogs' home? Both the dogs seem to have very definite characteristics that interact with both of you.

Chris said...

I can just see her, gnawing away on on the strap, thinking to herself: "Fine. I don't mind being out, but they're going to pay for *ignoring* me. Hmphf!"

Kathy said...

No, we still don't know why the one dogloo gets wet. With warmer weather, that subject will be researched.

I think you really captured the essence of Bess' attitude, Chris. And after all, I feel the same way. I don't really mind when I'm left behind as Mike "moto-caches," but on the other hand, I want him to suffer a little for that. You know -- just one example . . .