Friday, June 13, 2014


Bess and Pepper were frequently active in the farm yard this past week. They played with each other -- cavorting in the open spaces, running around the house, or mixing it up a bit. Often the three dogs played at the pond.

I keep my laptop on Grandma Ina’s old “kitchen queen” cabinet in the corner of the dining room where my view is of the barn, the pond, and the field beyond.

The other night, I just happened to spot something in June’s field to the southeast, so I grabbed the binoculars for a better look. Then I took the camera and carefully opened the front door in order to get a picture.

I cropped the image twice in order to show the doe peering over the rise to watch Pepper and Bess playing in the yard. Can you see her? KW


Chris said...

Love the deer. Maybe she wanted to join in? :-) Saw a doe and her newborn fawn the other day--I had to stop on the road to let little wobbly one make his/her way across.

Kathy said...

More than likely she wanted to go to the pond for a drink. As you know, they are so curious anyway. But those ears sticking up over the rise are just so cute.

Glad you were able to stop for the wobbly little one and his mom. A friend hit a deer on Critchfield the other day and felt terrible. It dashed in front of her car and she stopped as soon as she could but still tapped it on its rump. It ran off and I doubt it was hurt. They seem to be resilient creatures.

Hallie said...

I had a close encounter with a deer at the pond when we were working on the house. It stared at me and then let out a GRUNT. It was a little unnerving. They can be quite large.