Wednesday, August 27, 2014


"I like it here!"

Here’s a picture of Bess taken last Friday (August 22) as she refused to “kennel up” into the pick-up for the trip to town. We think she’s expressing her opinion that she prefers to be here. I said maybe she doesn’t like the pick-up ride, but Mike points out that when the situation is reversed and we leave town for the farm, she eagerly waits in the back of the pick-up.

The sky denotes unsettled weather as we leave the farm.
We marvel at how loving and affectionate Bess has become. We thought during her first months with us – a year ago now -- that she would be aloof, but as time goes on she really seems to like us!

So, the weekend past was full of activity for us. I drove to a meeting in Tri-Cities, WA, taking a friend with me. I go every year but thank goodness for Ms. Nuvi, the talking GPS. Without her, I would never find my way around the city. I say that, but like any GPS, she isn’t foolproof. “Arriving at destination, on left – on left,” she announced – and there we were at the back of the facility with no way through to the main parking lot. Oh well – I figured that out. On the return trip, I discovered her maps are out of date. Luckily I didn’t miss the traffic revision which now calls for a right exit instead of a left turn. “Stay left,” she announced, and just then I saw the sign that said, “Spokane – Waitsburg – exit right.” Luckily I was able to switch lanes quickly. “Recalculating – recalculating,” says Ms. Nuvi, an urgent tone in her voice. And then, in her confusion, she began to give impossible directions, but when she sensed we were headed the right way, she acquiesced silently.

While I was gone, Mike made a 60-mile bike ride with friends, and then he took in Lewiston’s “Hot August Nights” car show, a misnomer for this year’s celebration since temps have cooled a bit. That evening, we went to the B.J. Thomas concert in Pioneer Park, which we enjoyed. The temperature was pleasant but not hot –not like that famous summer of 1949. KW


Hallie said...

That's cute. "No thank you...I'll stay right here."

If your maps on the Garmin fail you, remember your phone--those maps are more current and you never have to update. If you're driving and are in a pinch, you can just hold the center button and say to Siri, "Directions to [address/place]" and she'll pull it up and start dictating.

Kathy said...

Thanks Hallie. I must give that a try.

Chris said...

You guys are making me wish for an iPhone, but I know I wouldn't use even a fraction of its capabilities and therefore the ones I used would cost $1000 per app!!

Kathy said...

It's true that some of us are just not going to use our devices to potential. I consider that at least half of what an iPhone will do I neither need nor want. But I think you'll want to have one sooner or later. My iPhone is a 4S, a previous model, which Verizon was giving away. It made for a nice segue for me. But I know you, Chris, and if you had one, you would quickly become knowledgeable and even expert on the applications that are important to you.

Chris said...

Well, you're probably right--I'll succumb one of these days, most likely. But meanwhile, I *am* grateful that these August days are indeed cooler than the August during which we made our arrivals! I know it was l09 the day I was born in that unairconditioned hospital.

Kathy said...

Yes -- and remember, young lady -- your mother walked up a flight of stairs to give birth to you.

I think you got the worst of the heat. Last night was such a pleasant evening that I thought again of how my dad drove right past the hospital and over the bridge. He said it was such a nice night he thought they should take a little drive before going to the hospital. "You take me right back to the hospital!" Mother ordered -- so the story goes.