Sunday, August 24, 2014


I'm noticing a trend of not being good at taking the first "before" photo. This is largely because little thought is put into the start of our projects. It's usually just me being bored with the current project and thinking "I wonder if I can..." and then before you know it, I'm mid-way through. The latest is the entry railing.

the railing was green and had decorative curly pieces that weren't executed well. Nick removed them with a Dremel tool. Nick actually ruined the Dremel tool borrowed from his mom, so we had to buy a new one to replace it.

No more curlies and sanded smooth.


Finished! The color is "oil rubbed bronze", which has metal flecks that give a nice sheen. We are VERY pleased with the outcome!!


Chris said...

Looks beautiful!! We need to redo the railing on our deck, and I'm curious--was it a spray paint? (I'm not so good at before pictures, either...)

Hallie said...

We did use a spray paint. The primer was Rust-oleum Rust Reformer and then we used another Rust-oleum product for the top coat. Since the railing is sunk into the concrete, powder coating was not an option. The spray was much better than a brush-on approach, I think.

I scraped using a heat gun and paint scraper and sanded a lot by hand or by orbital sander. Nick used a Dremel attachment to sand some of the tight spots. I'm pretty sure there was an easier way to do this--we noticed wire brush attachments for a drill that might have been handy.

Kathy said...

Well, it looks really good.

Speaking for myself, I just don't think about the before picture -- or my background is such a mess that I don't want to take a picture.

Mike said...

Good job! It looks great.