Friday, August 8, 2014


Snakes are plentiful this year. Ina Dobson -- October 18, 1933

I had just been thinking that it was the kind of day that we might see a rattler. Perhaps I’m not as intuitive as I am wary. It pays to be wary. At any rate I was alert -- and that was good.

As the dogs and I returned to the farmhouse from our walk yesterday morning, Nellie suddenly stood stock still. There, just a few feet in front of her was a coiled rattlesnake. She glanced at me, gave the rattlesnake wide berth, and went on to the house.

What IS that?
Bess, who had apparently bounced right by the rattler on her way to the house, saw that something was up and came bouncing back. I took this picture as I held her firmly by the collar. Note her ears.

LARGE garter snake
Not all snakes are rattlesnakes, of course, and we have our share of others. This large garter snake caught Bess’ attention this afternoon. We treat all snakes as if they were rattlers, though. “No, Bess! Leave it alone!”

And this evening, I spotted this “racer” near the top of the lane. It posed for this picture, and in a flash it was gone.

We’ve seen several bull snakes this season, too. Sorry – no pictures.

See how hazy our world has become. Sometimes it seems "other worldly." KW

Smoke obscures the butte.


Hallie said...

Blech! Snakes. I love the Bess ear photo--very artistic!

Oh my, to see the wheat turned amber...we've missed the whole thing this year. :(

Chris said...

So smokey here, too. As to snakes, you know how I feel about them! I echo Hallie: Blech!