Sunday, November 16, 2014


Before -- rear of Tudor with slider, deck, and stairway
This before picture of the back of Nick and Hallie's little Tudor cottage shows an update gone awry. The slider is out of character with the timeframe of the house (1929) and takes valuable wall space from a small bedroom. The wooden deck and stairway are poorly constructed, and note that the stairway, which leads from the kitchen, doesn't open onto the deck.

This photo shows the deck and stairway removed. The slider has been replaced by a wall and new window, and the new back door is installed.

The brick mason worked at the house yesterday (Saturday, Nov. 15) to brick the exterior wall. A mixture of bricks were used, including some Hallie dug up in the yard, some from a 1927 house in Seattle's University District, and some purchased from Portland. So, let's see how it looks now:

We can see that the wall has been reconstructed, but even so, it feels right. The house is at home with itself, so to speak, and is glad to be free of its encumbrances.

They hope an acid wash of the bricks will blend them some but the mortar has to cure two weeks before that can be done. KW


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Now that's a great looking house!

Chris said...

Yay!! Look at that wall--just in time for the cold. :-) Next up, the door? Yes, there is a color difference, but with the wash and over time, it'll probably become indiscernible. Or add the the character of the house, sort of like time gives a face personality.

Kathy said...

They haven't said what the next house project is. I suspect they'll paint that bedroom and make it comfortable. The back door is installed, but the front door needs attention soon. Or, maybe they'll do the bathroom.

Bottom line: there's still plenty to do.

Hallie said...

The front door was ordered today! :) Our garage door has delivered and we'll set up an indoor paint booth to paint it when we return from vacation. But yes, we always have multiple things going, so it's hard to say what will be the next "finish".

Chris said...

Now that I look more closely, I do see that the back door is up. I was so busy looking at the wall that I missed it. Love that door!

That little house must be feeling like Cinderella! (Minus the mice, I hope!)