Saturday, January 10, 2015


I saw it Friday morning. I didn’t see it Thursday. I had used the iron Thursday, and I didn’t see it. I think I would have.

Nellie and Bess -- no mousers they!
It was on the ironing board. I walked into the sewing room and saw it immediately. I don’t believe for a minute that I overlooked it Thursday. It happened overnight.

No-o-o-o! Mouse sign!

I carried the evidence in the palm of my hand to show my husband as he sat with the morning paper.

“This looks like mouse sign to me,” I said woodenly.
He agreed and advised me to set a trap in my room.

I’ve been a little nervous about mouse infiltration lately. They’ve been quiet those mice – too quiet. Don’t you believe for a minute that there’s a truce in the great rodent war or that their numbers have decreased, The problem is that I’ve been lulled into complacency. I saw Bess lunge toward the sofa the other night, but she quickly lost interest. And I heard a small “nibbling” sound as I sat in quietude one morning. But oh! The possibility was too horrid to contemplate, and I just let it go.

But now my work has just begun. I will have to clean out the closet in my sewing room where half a dozen unfinished yarn projects languish on the floor. Oh well -- I have to clean it out anyway since I expect to install a new closet organization system there soon.

“We’ve caught them handily with traps before,” Mike replied, a little impatiently, I thought -- as if this were just nothing, just a little blip on the road of life. “Just line the room with traps,” he said. But I feel that at any moment I might turn around to see a giant mouse behind me, sort of like “Harvey, the Pookah.” At least the issue looms that large in my thinking.

Mike installs new weather station
You know, mice don’t tend to dance in the open, but I wouldn’t say they lurk. They’re nocturnal, so they play while humans sleep. But -- they just aren’t clever enough to hide their presence. If you have a mouse in your house, you will notice sooner or later.

So I set two traps in the sewing room, and this morning I crept in there to check them. Sure enough! One in a trap.

This morning I opened the linen closet in the master bath to remove fresh sheets, and I saw it immediately. I don’t think it was there yesterday. I know I would have seen it . . .

I bought more traps. KW


Hallie said...

Darn mice! Did Dad get a new weather station?

Chris said...

Ack!! Mice!! Once again I'm so thankful for Buddy. You are a brave woman to deal with your own traps. I draw the line there. I do supper, he does the icky stuff.

Kathy said...

Actually, Chris, with this experience I learned to set the "old-fashioned" mousetrap. It wasn't easy - I got pinched. And I went to the store and bought some of the "modern" plastic ones that are easier to set. I don't know why I felt motivated to be in control. But -- I draw the line at disposal.

Yes, Hallie, we did get a new weather station. You know, your electronics need to be updated every 3-5 years. We liked the new one on the farm so well that we decided to get a new one for town as well. We now have wind and rain measurement, and the display is "awesome," as they say.