Thursday, May 7, 2015


Yes, I know. Everyone buys a new appliance from time to time, but please forgive my excitement over our new Kenmore Elite refrigerator. In the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal – not even a top of the line model due to space constraints – but it’s been a long time since we bought a fridge with innovations.

Old fridge
New fridge
I was nervous when Mike and I decided to order this “big ticket item” online, thereby eliminating the middleman. However, it was delivered today and all is well. Apparently the effective way to shop is to visit the store, see the models up close and personal, listen to what the associate has to say, then go home and check for online deals. We saved about a third of the store price. The same delivery crew out of Moscow came to set it up, and it went well. Maybe it’s just that we’ve had so much practice.

It took the delivery guy and his assistant exactly one hour to remove the old fridge to the garage and set up the new one. “It was well worth the $80, wasn’t it?” commented Mike, and I reminded him that deliverywas free with the online purchase. (Yes, the same guy delivered this model free – with a smile on his face -- who refused to waive the delivery charge for the store.)

So – how do I like the French door model with bottom freezer as compared to my old side-by-side? Well . . .
·       First off, it’s super quiet. The old one had developed a rattle which nearly drove me nuts! – perhaps the main reason we replaced it at this time.
·       The biggest disappointment is that storage on the door is limited, which means that many bottles and jars have to reside on an interior shelf. Perhaps on-door storage is an advantage of the side-by-side.
·       The electronic temperature adjustment is terrific. No more turning dials and guesswork.
·       The bottom freezer is roomy but since it lacks shelves, it seems more difficult to organize. However, the freezer shelves in our little side-by-side were narrow, cramped, and always cluttered. I’m sure I’ll get used to this one.
·       The new fridge being taller and deeper, I find it difficult to access items on the top shelves. I coped by bringing them down a few notches.
·       Two hydrator drawers allow for separation of fruits and vegetables – a desirable feature, . . .
·       but the “meat – deli - snack” drawer, though wide, is shallow.
·       And the interior lighting is elegant. It makes me think of entering a theater. No more bright light bulb with plastic cover.

Mike keeps asking which of the new appliances is my favorite. Well, let’s just say it’s not the washing machine. While it seems efficient, the spin cycles are noisy. KW


Chris said...

It's gorgeous!! I thought of you yesterday and hoped all was going well. You've shown the rest of us a new way of shopping for appliances.

Kathy said...

Thanks for thinking of us, Chris. Well -- the online way worked this time, but I did need the help of the store personnel to show me that this fridge would work in our spot. I thought it was too tall, but she showed me that the official measurement is from the hinge, which sits at the front of the unit, of course. I've learned a lot that I'll probably never need to know.

Hallie said...

Too bad about the noise of the washing machine. I hadn't thought of that. Ours is in the basement and I only faintly hear it when it's at work .

Kathy said...

There's no place to hide in a small house. The noise is probably not a deal-breaker.

I've been talking about new appliances for ten years but had a fear of making mistakes. (The thing that I feared has been visited upon me.) But because I put it off so long, in the end we were anxious to make choices and move on. It always pays to "sleep on it," as they say.