Sunday, July 5, 2015


The gardens in summer
Thursday afternoon (July 2), we drove back to town. Preparatory to leaving, I gave extra water to my raised beds, trees, and other plants. I picked raspberries and cherries, and Mike helped me swath them in netting to keep the birds out until I say they can have the rest.

Apple trees in curve of north field
In the morning, I happened to look out the kitchen window to the north field where a doe was slowly crossing through the low point towards the apple trees. I wondered why she was moving so slowly. Then I saw that she had a quite a wake of waving grain behind her, and I just caught sight of two fawn. When they disappeared into the trees, I didn’t see them again. I can only surmise that they skirted around the edge of the field in the tall grass and back into the gully.

Anyway, we went back to the town house, and Friday noon as I returned from an outing, Mike advised me that the air conditioner wasn’t working. Heating and cooling service providers were closed for the long weekend, and Mike decided not to request emergency service. Long story short – it was a miserable two days in town. Probably the best part was exercising the dogs at the beach. Little Bess, who had to learn to get into the water, has become quite the swimmer.

Evening at Gilbert
So, after my nephew’s landmark birthday party last evening, we loaded the pick-up and drove back to the farm. Not sure we gained too much by that. It was still 80 here at 9:00, and of course the house was warm, especially upstairs. The night was difficult, especially since we brought along our friend Pepper (large German Shorthair), who was unsettled and unhappy.

Well, I’m not going to complain – much – because after all, we all have problems to solve from time to time. On Monday, Mike will begin to make calls to schedule service appointments, and then we’ll see how things work out.
Evening at Gilbert

It’s kinda fun to drive in during the evening, but you have to watch for the deer. We saw two on the grade. With perfect form, one little guy jumped a fence from a standstill. And out at the corner, we saw five whitetail together and watched them run through the field. KW


Chris said...

Yikes!! No air conditioning in the valley? You deserve a gold star!! I was thankful we had air and made good use of it. We usually open up the house at night, but there have been several nights when it didn't cool enough to do it until the early morning hours. And one night we left the air on all night. I told Dan I planned to pretend I was in a nice hotel some place. :-) Too bad there was no maid service! Hope by now you've been able to have it fixed.

Mike said...

When we left Sat evening it was 94 degrees - inside.