Friday, October 2, 2015


How quickly the time slips away! I took the pictures posted here on Thursday, Sept. 24, which is now more than a week ago. Seems like yesterday. Much has happened since then, though. Mike spent two days packing for a hunting trip to Montana. Now he and Bess are enjoying said trip while Nellie and I are staycating.

One wonderful thing about autumn is that we can walk in the fields, so while Mike was off on his bicycle, the dogs and I walked down the lane and into the fields north of the house and above the draw. I love to see and take pictures from places I don’t ordinarily access. Our destination was the top of the grassy patch you see in the center of this photo.

Of course, the dogs had a blast! Bess ran and ran with the energy of the pup she is, while Nellie ambled and sniffed and pondered the meaning of life. They both seem to enjoy getting off the road as much as I do. Nellie prefers walking in dirt to walking on gravel.

Here you can see the lane which lies on the boundary between "June's place" (left) and ours. This is behind the burned pines which sit where the road turns into the lane. Note the haziness -- smoke from controlled burns.
 Here the house and grove are tiny in the center of the picture above the north field. The trees are in the draw.
 A closer shot of the burned pines. Something will have to happen with those, but they aren't on our land.

And below perhaps you can spy Nellie as she investigates one of her favorite spots among the pines.

An interesting point is that while the house appears to sit on a hill from this angle, the bigger view from the south east shows it's actually in a bowl. One neighbor called it "that Dobson hole." KW


Chris said...

How strange that that picture does make it appear that the house is on a hill. Just goes to show that things can appear as they are not in a photo--even without today's easy manipulations via computer. They are all beautiful photos. Glad you have these beautiful days to enjoy your walks.

Chuck said...

My take on the location of the house is that it is in a saddle. Drops off to the north and south, and rises on the east and west. No bowl for me.

Kathy said...

Well, I suppose I expressed it poorly, but my point is that the house is in a more protected location than it appears from the north, and I believe that Jack made a studied decision in placing the farm yard where he did.

Hallie said...

I used my imagination and MAYBE I spotted Nellie...not sure.