Saturday, November 7, 2015


As will happen to one who plays with yarn, my stash had grown to a proportion that was infringing on my inspiration. I wanted more yarn – new yarn in today’s colors – but my accumulation was pushing me out of my sewing room. Something had to be done – either use it NOW or pass it along.

At the same time, I began to see that afghans are now being crafted in larger sizes to be used as blankets. Perhaps it’s because we can’t find good, warm blankets at a decent price. I’ve always made afghans as throws, but now enlightened and having lots of yarn, I decided to see if I could make a blanket.

I started this “scrap afghan” with a basic rectangular granny block (pattern here) just after Labor Day. I remember because I discussed it with Hallie, and we agreed I should use the dusty shades and forget the brights for now. I began with dark blue 4-ply worsted and added five more colors to the rounds, one round each – gray, light slate blue, burgundy red, off-white, and dusty rose pink. Shading occurred within those colors depending on available yarn.  Two months later, the result is this blanket large enough to cover a bed.
I absolutely would not let myself abandon this project until it was finished. As the blanket grew and grew, it took up more space than was practical in our small house. Nevertheless, I persevered and finished. Now it’s stored in the linen closet instead of my yarn tub.

Several years ago I noticed that my wrists ached when I crocheted, so I had all but given up bigger projects. A while back, I bought some ergonomic crochet hooks offered on Amazon, and these seemed to solve the problem. A lot of crochet time went into this afghan and the finished product is heavy. Mike laughs that it must weigh seven pounds.

Up next – a plethora of small projects for Christmas. KW


Chris said...

I love it!! I can't even imagine how heavy that must have been to work on. You'll love putting it over your bed on cold winter nights and feeling all snuggly.

Chuck said...

I think it is beautiful and beautifully done. Good on ya!

Kathy said...

Thank you for your generous comments.

As I worked on the blanket, I kept it beside me, so it wasn't too heavy for me. I was glad to call it finished, though. And while Mike and I may use it, I was motivated to make it by the fact that I didn't have a lot of warm bedding when Chuck and Joanne visited last winter.

I have lots of ideas saved on my Pinterest boards.

Hallie said...

That came out really nice! We use a heavy afghan on our bed that I made when I moved to Spokane. I actually didn't get the pattern just right, but I did the whole thing that way, so I suppose it's fine. It's an original, now. I'm glad to know the ergonomic hooks help! Speaking of hooks, thanks for letting me borrow the rug hook. I fixed the button on our couch cushion the minute we got home. :)

Kathy said...

You may keep the rug hook if you like. I must have a dozen of them from my parents.

Any pattern can be changed. I think the mathematical consistency should be maintained, but otherwise, it really doesn't matter. The pattern is just someone's whim anyway.

Keri said...

It really is lovely! Someday I may have time again to crochet. Beautiful job!

Kathy said...

Thank you for coming by, Keri. These days we find a lot of patterns for our crafting and handwork interests online.

Keri said...

I follow and enjoy your blog. I feel closer to you that way! And it is fun and interesting to see what you are up to! Love you!