Monday, February 22, 2016


Bess & Mike play ball every day.

Back in those days when we were raising children, my contribution to the savings program was to cut corners on all necessary expenditures. Our budget for textiles (clothing, bedding, towels, fabric, yarn, etc.) was limited. When it came to sheets, for instance, I purchased at the marts. Well, I guess I did have a couple of better sets for the “big bed,” but truthfully, I didn’t think they were much better than those from the marts, so I continued to buy cut-rate bedding. Until last week, that is.

"Fetch the ball, Bess. Bring it here."
I had two sets of sheets for our queen-sized bed – one from Ross and one from a mart. The sheets from Ross were lovely but the top sheet was too short. ("Remember, it's at Ross for a reason," advised daughter Hallie.) I took that set to the farm where it will certainly work well on a double bed. So then I had just the set from the mart, which I washed and put back on the bed each Saturday. Well, you probably know how it was going. They were just plain skimpy.

One recent morning I woke up to discover I had lots of blanket on my side of the bed but the sheet was with the other guy. “That's it!” I said. “I’m going shopping for a new set of sheets.”

So, thinking to start conservatively, I went to Penney’s and looked over the various options. I ignored the lower end products – I wanted a really good set, remember – and began a comparison of the finest sheets on display. First I suffered sticker shock. This was Penney’s, after all, which used to stand for “good value for the money,” and the sale price on their best was $90. I had to step aside and hyperventilate for a minute. Once I had recovered, I stepped up to the displays again and selected that expensive set.
Insert at top & bottom of fitted sheet

Saturday was “change the bed” day, and I was excited! These are the loveliest sheets I have ever owned. The bottom sheet slipped onto the mattress easily, and the top sheet actually hung down about a foot on either side of the bed. Not only that, but there’s plenty to tuck in at the bottom and still fold over at the top. I like ample covers on my neck and shoulders.
Bess & Nellie don't care for sheets.

I asked Mike how he liked the new sheets, and he said he didn’t notice. That’s good! If he's not unhappy, he must be happy, right? And – he would certainly notice if he made the bed! KW

[The store would probably think it weird if I took pictures, and anyway, you like to see the dogs.]


Chris said...

I will soon be in need of a new set, so I'm glad to hear of your happiness. Exactly what was the "make and model?" And I'm with you on the hyperventilation--Dan has to often encourage me when I need to replace something because I can't believe the cost! I just did a small mend on our bottom sheet--I think it must have been a flaw in the fabric--and think they will be fine for quite a while, but I want to be in the know when it's time to purchase.

Kathy said...

I foolishly threw away the labels, but checking online, I think it was this Royal Velvet 500 ct. set -- the kind with the stripe. Here's the link:

The link is practically longer than the whole post. I considered the next step down, which was $10 less on sale, but I decided as long as I was spending that much money, what was $10 more?

Chris said...

Thanks. As they are currently $140, I think I'll wait for a sale. :)

Kathy said...

Yes, the full retail price is prohibitive, in my opinion. Sister Harriet says she buys her sheets at Macy's on sale. That insert in the bottom sheet is totally helpful.

Hallie said...

Mm...I felt like we got conned into buying an expensive set of bamboo sheets or something when we bought our mattress. They ARE fairly nice, but a pillowcase came onto contact with a *drop* of bleach and it burnt a hole in it. We need new sheets, but I think we're in the mart phase of life still.

Kathy said...

Well, several of my garments have been ruined by that drop of bleach. It happens.

I don't know if it's possible to research "the best value for the money" bedding. Can you get sheets from Amazon and read the reviews. I never thought about doing that.