Thursday, March 24, 2016


As I was growing up, the Disney cartoon characters were not my favorites. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I watched the Mickey Mouse Club, but I didn't identify with the Mouseketeers and felt I was on the outside looking in. While I was still a preschooler, folks were discussing the wonderful new Disneyland in California, but we wouldn’t go until I was an adult. To me, there was no difference between Disneyland and Fantasyland.

But recently, my imagination was sparked by the idea of Minnie Mouse as a theme for my doll display. “It needs a theme?” you ask. Well, yes – a theme adds color and focus. And Minnie spans the decades from the ‘30s to the present.
Mickey Mouse soap dish and Minnie purse in background
I became aware of the current "Minnie" trend in December when I saw a bin of “Minnie Mouse” purses at Walmart. Hmmmm – and just like that I tossed one in my cart. After that, I saw Minnie everywhere – crochet patterns, themed fabrics, costume patterns, machine embroidery designs, and even Minnie Mouse outfits and accessories for American Girls. And I was there! -- “there” being my Pinterest Board, “Fun with Minnie Mouse.” Nothing to show for it through my creative efforts, though – not yet. Maybe not ever. It’s still in the inspiration phase and you know how that goes . . .
Mason, Mickey, and Grandpa Mike, 2003

As I began to think about Mickey and Minnie more positively, I remembered more encounters I've had with them over the years. I have a hand-painted Mickey Mouse soap dish that I picked up at a mart years ago. I was attracted by the fun colors, and I think that's part of the appeal. Disney is "the wonderful world of color."

And then there was that time in Boise back in '03 when Mason brought out his big Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. As Mason sat on Grandpa Mike's knee, Mickey began to talk in his squeaky voice. “Don’t you want to play, Mason? Come on, Mason. Let’s go play.” And Mason thought it was so funny. A person just can’t have too many memories like that. KW


Chris said...

Hmm, I don't think I was ever a big Mickey or Minnie fan, either. However, I did love to watch the MM Club because I loved the "shows" that accompanied it, like Spin and Marty and the Hardy Boys.

Your plan to tie the "girls" together is a good one!

Kathy said...

Yes, the serials were fun. And they had some short subjects I liked, too.

I've been shopping for Minnie-related fabrics and goods. (This in no way affects my attitude to those live creatures who spoil my house!)