Saturday, May 28, 2016


This was a work day. I was up early and vacuumed before I got the dogs out. The morning walk was uneventful. I loaded the recycling in the car and dropped it in the bins on my way to the store. The stores were busy as shoppers prepared for the Memorial Day weekend, but plenty of check-out stations were open. This afternoon I put a pheasant breast in the crock pot, baked an angel food cake, changed the bed, walked the dogs. Etc. Ad infinitum.

Hollyhocks begin to bloom
And all the while I kept thinking about that remote. Now and then I fiddled with it. Still no lights, no action. But late this afternoon – still thinking – I began to wonder . . . The tech used the batteries from the old remote. And I exchanged those for the batteries that came with the new remote. How did I know those batteries were good? I like Duracells myself and always keep a supply of AA and AAA on hand. So, I decided to try them. The first thing I noticed was that they fit a lot tighter than either of the other sets. And Eureka! The TV set came on and I controlled the functions with the remote. I fixed it! Skeptical? Me, too.

I began to watch for Mike at 3:00. By 5:00, I expected him any minute. At 6:00, I knew something had delayed him, such as a wrong turn. It’s a long trek through central Oregon, and if you make a wrong turn, it’s even longer. At 7:00, I decided to eat my supper. About 7:10, he rolled in, bringing a brief wind and rain storm with him. The dogs were overjoyed, and I was pretty happy, too. Yes, he said, he had made a wrong turn that took him miles out of his way.

Dark spot in grass is Bess
Mike says this was the most complex and stressful trip he has undertaken. He is to be commended, he says, for losing only one thing, and that was a pen. Oddly enough, he seems energized. That’s often the way with Mike. His drive will carry him for a few days. Then he’ll feel the letdown. “I just don’t understand why I’m so tired,” he’ll say.

 Up next: clean the motorcycle and all the gear, work through a mountain of laundry, plan the next trip to the farm -- you know, business as usual. KW

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