Friday, June 24, 2016


Here we are – a summer day at the farm. It’s 46 and raining. The high today might get to 58. I’m wearing a sweatshirt. Mike started a fire in the fireplace.

When Mike and I moved from the “big house” in 2004, efforts to sell my old Singer sewing machine cabinet were futile, so we brought it to the farmhouse. It wasn’t easy, but with son Clint’s help, we carried it to an upstairs bedroom. I said I would use it as a sewing table and if I didn’t, I’d use it as a storage cabinet.

I wasn’t sewing much at that time, but when I retired, I worked my way into it again. However, my new machine, a Bernina, did not fit the old table. The situation was otherwise awkward in that one of the cabinet doors blocked the natural light and the other rattled against the table as I sewed. I made do anyway, since it was what I had.  

Then I saw that I could improve things by removing the table from the cabinet and bringing in a portable sewing machine table. Mike agreed to help. So, last weekend we visited the local Jo-Ann shop where I purchased the table with a “50% off full-priced item” coupon. (Otherwise, the price would have been – well, twice too much. One has to work the system, you know.) And the other day, Mike helped me fix my sewing area.

We removed the table from the cabinet with Mike singing the praises of the electric drill. Then we set up the new table – a simple matter of unfolding it and making sure it was set correctly for the sewing machine.

“How hard would it be to turn the cabinet?” I asked, and Mike said, “not very,” and he rotated it 90 degrees. Now I have improved storage, improved natural light, and a better table for the sewing machine. I feel a new OttLite in my future.

“I never expect to use this table again,” I said to Mike, “but we should probably keep it someplace.” So, Mike carried it out to the barn. That’s what you do if you have the space – you keep things.

And so, what’s happening in the vintage sewing room? Not much, but there’s a plan. We’ll talk about that later. KW


Chris said...

The vintage sewing room is looking good! The table is a nice size and you'll love being able to raise and lower your machine.

Your comment about storing the old table in barn reminds me of an article I just read in my new country living. The wife (who loves vintage things) furnished most of her house with items she found in the husband's family's barn.

Hallie said...

So much better! I hope you wrapped the table in something for its storing.

Kathy said...

Hi Chris! Well, you know how it is -- it's old stuff, and then years later, it's wonderful old stuff. We didn't find much in the way of house furnishings in the barn, but then, we had furnishings in the house. Some items, like old jars, bottles, everyday household items, which the family didn't respect, have come into their own with the passage of time.

Hallie, I know what you're saying, but no, I didn't protect the table. I'll think about it.