Monday, September 19, 2016


Bess doesn't mind that the pillow cover is in the washing machine.

Mike went on a bike ride the other day, so I said I’d walk the dogs. Everything was fine – just fine – until near the turn-around spot, I noticed Bess gazing thoughtfully down the road in the direction we had come. Slow learner that I am, I continued up the road, and when I turned around, Nellie was with me but Bess was nowhere to be seen.

“Bess,” I called hopefully. “Bess?” My first thought was that she was hunting in the gulley, but it was awfully quiet – too quiet. Nellie and I kept moving.

Finally, it dawned on me that the “gazing” was all about looking for Mike, her favorite person. And when she didn’t see him, she decided to go home.

So, Nellie and I picked up our speed, and when I got closer to the county shop, I noticed a teen-ager from our neighborhood playing with Bess, holding her until I could get there. (His dad is an outfitter, so he’s experienced with dogs.) I thanked him and we came on home.

Thursday was a warm afternoon, so Mike bathed both dogs. Here’s a picture of Bess stretched out on the pillow while I wash the cover. 

One by one the bird seasons are opening, and little Bess is enthusiastically THERE! Today, the Washington "old man" pheasant season opened. I know a couple of hunters who qualify as "old men." KW

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Hallie said...

I wish I could ever feel as comfortable as Bess looks on that pillow!