Saturday, October 15, 2016


So here we are in the midst of seasonal weather. Ho-Hum. Mike and Ken (and Bess and Pepper) have gotten out for a little bird-hunting, but they haven’t found many birds. Otherwise, there’s not much going on, except in my imagination, which becomes especially fertile at this time of year.

I had kitchen woes last week. A recipe for Pumpkin Snickerdoodles looked better than it proved to be. Mike kept taking a bite of one and leaving the remainder on the counter. Try as he might, he wasn’t going to like those cookies, and after all, he’s the one who needs them. So, I filled the cookie jar with some soft ginger cookies I had stored in a can. Mike said they tasted a little strange, and I discovered that soft ginger cookies don’t save well in an airtight container.

One evening I fried two trout for supper and burned them both. The meat was okay, but the outside was definitely “blackened.” The next night, I burned the rice. Out it went – pot and all.

“Maybe it would erase the fish odor if you made Chex mix,” suggested Mike. So I did. And it turned out fine, as did the pumpkin ice cream dessert. Maybe I haven’t totally lost my touch.

Today we’re celebrating the season, waiting for predicted wind and rain to materialize. Mike is watching football while the dogs snooze. I’m using a favorite pattern to make a Halloween doll dress. (I have a Pinterest board, “The Dolls’ Halloween,” devoted to costumes for dolls.) KW

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