Wednesday, December 14, 2016


As related in the previous two posts, Grandma Ina spent Christmas with her second daughter, Myrtle (or Lynn, as she preferred to be called in those days), in Portland. This paragraph in the Chronicle of the Christmas of 1946 was written by my Aunt Lynn:

Our Christmas was most unusual in that we had never been together – just us two – at this season. In the early afternoon we went out for a breath of fresh air (very fresh and cold). It was a bright sunny day, one of the many we have had all this holiday week. Then we got dinner, set the table in the living room, and added candles to aid the evening light. We had the roast chicken with all the usual trimmings, and ended with the fruitcake from the girls in Seattle. We had nuts and a box of chocolates on the side. This for me was a very novel and happy Christmas, and Mamma [Grandma Ina], too, enjoyed everything different in the change of scene.


Hallie said...

Why couldn't Vance join them for Christmas?

Kathy said...

Vance met her at the train and took her to Lynn's. Then he went on to Raymond. She didn't say why Vance didn't join them, but he's in and out of the picture. We know from the time frame that he was in the process of moving to Orofino and the farm at Gilbert. Perhaps he wanted to spend that holiday with friends. It's also possible that Lynn didn't have room for him.