Thursday, December 15, 2016


Shirley is making a box of candy and stuffed dates for Myrtle. We sent also a small bag of fresh beans to her good friend where she stays and Shirley sent her little boy a little bag of popcorn. We’re sending Shirley Jean the old game, “Uncle Wiggly,” that Doris and Shirley used to play, and I made a doll outfit for the rag doll Ethel is making her. We had great fun doing it and trying it onto Ethel’s old big doll who lives here. Jack sent them a small bag of beans and Bertha put in a bag of popcorn and a toy book for Shirley Jean. 
Ina to her sister, Mable, 1933

Ina often wrote her letters "before the blazing fire." Can't you just see her sitting near the hearth, a shawl about her shoulders, writing her Christmas cards and notes? 
Dorothy Dobson, c.1951

And speaking of fireplaces, I couldn't resist posting again this photo of my mother, Dorothy Dobson, sitting in front of the living room fireplace at our Orofino home. Too bad there isn't a fire, but it's a nice photo anyway.

In real time, we have regional snow and cold and plenty of it, but Mike went out this morning and had no problems in the Magnum. High tomorrow in our valley is supposed to be 19 -- 12 on Saturday. 

Back to work -- Christmas is coming, you know. KW


Hallie said...

Well, I wonder if Ina pulled in a small table for her letter writing. We've moved our furniture out of the living room and dining room while we work on those rooms, which meant that I did my Christmas cards on the couch in the living room. It was a little tricky without a nice surface upon which to write.

Kathy said...

It doesn't matter much what sort of surface I have as long as it's steady. My penmanship is never that good anyway and these days it's looking rickety.