Wednesday, December 21, 2016


In recent discussion with brother Chuck, he mentioned that while I post writings from Ina and her daughters, Vance (my dad) is conspicuously missing. That’s because I don’t have many letters from Vance in my collection of family ephemera. But here’s one written to the folks at home from boot camp (Camp White). He has just returned from spending Christmas with cousins in Jacksonville, OR.

Sunday, Dec. 26, 1942
Vance Dobson, '30s
I had been told I had a wad of mail so I was looking forward to 12:30 mail call. I had packages from you, the Dave Andersons, the Bob Hannans, Mom and Pop Fairchild and Carney and Fern Phelps. Besides I had a half dozen greeting cards and a letter so you see, I had myself a field day.
Vance Dobson, Raymond, WA, '30s

Everything you sent was fine and your box was certainly attractive. The socks and tie are perfect and of course, the soap and razor blades much appreciated. I sampled the pork cake and am sure it is like the old. Well, many thanks.

Myrtle "Lynn" Dobson, at Vance's in Raymond
The Andersons sent me some candy, mints and two packs of cigarettes. Hannans sent me a carton of cigarettes and the Phelps sent me a handsome billfold which I was glad for, for I hadn’t a good one. Mom and Pop Fairchild sent me a date and nut cake. Nellie said Howard sent me a money belt and a couple of soap boxes I had requested. Russell and Frances Saling sent me a box of candy and cookies. The Schaefers sent me a most delicious box of homemade fudge plus a small fruitcake, and Bertha Lewis in South Bend sent me a box of home salted nuts and stuffed dates. So you see I have been very well remembered. Aren’t people wonderful? I am simply swamped with letters and “thank you” notes to be written.
I find it quite touching that my dad's friends were so generous. These people -- and more -- were on his Christmas card list for the rest of his life. KW 


Chuck said...

Hi, Kathy,
I have one question. Where were the photos of your Dad and Myrtle taken. I don't recognize the setting.

Kathy said...

I believe it was his place in Raymond, WA, in 1937. I don't have any history of the occasion -- just the pictures. It's Christmas as we can tell from the decorations.