Wednesday, December 28, 2016


On Wednesday night before Christmas a big bobsled load of us – nineteen in all and with a four-horse team – went up to the old schoolhouse to the school program and tree. It was lots of fun and I believe the last I went to was when . . .  I was in the program myself back in 1923! I got a great kick out of watching these various kids perform and make mistakes and more fun still to see them eating candy and popcorn balls up front while the tree was being ‘had.’

We had a lovely snowstorm this morning – quiet and such big soft flakes falling so thickly.

I’ll stop now wishing for you that the New Year may make dreams come true and your way be light and very happy. A great deal of love to you, Shirley (Written to my dad by his younger sister, January 2, 1933)

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