Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Mike has been under treatment for an old Achilles’ tendon ailment that flared a couple of months ago. He now has orders to stay off it as much as possible with no walking more than half a mile. So, he was not allowed to shop with me on Friday.

Nellie and Bess enjoy their morning naps.
Shopping these days takes a lot of organization, but once the paperwork was done and the catalogs and cardboard loaded in the car for the recycling bins, I was finally ready to go. My reusable shopping bags live in the car (and now also my new reusable produce bags), or I would never remember them.

As a part of reducing plastic usage, I promised to exchange my disposable razors for one with replaceable blades. Frankly, the razor industry has confused me for years, which is why I use a disposable in the first place. And once again I was confused by the choices on the razor aisle. Razors that lather? Razors with scents? Twenty razors screamed “take ME, take ME!” Knowing nothing, I closed my eyes and tossed a Schick, packaged in a non-recyclable plastic “bubble,” into my cart. A disposable will last me six months, so I should have put more thought and research into this. I probably helped Walmart more than the environment.

“There are just so many choices!” I overheard a shopper complain in another aisle. “Yes, too many choices – everywhere,” I silently agreed, and I think that’s part of the problem. (Don’t get me started on packaged cheese.)

Then I went to Albertsons. You all know I have a love/hate relationship with Albertsons. Yes, there are other stores, but the location is convenient (next door to Jo-Ann’s) and the gas rewards significant. Before Christmas I shopped enough to earn a nice 2-quart Farberware pan. They have good specials, but since the merger with Safeway I notice the produce and dairy products are short-dated and the shelves are often not well-stocked, for whatever reason.

I loaded apples, onions, and potatoes into my reusable produce bags, and of course, I had my reusable shopping bags at check-out.
Streets icy Saturday morning; good I shopped Friday.

“Guess what’s coming up,” said the cashier.
“Monopoly?” I ventured.
“YES!” she said loudly. We agreed that the company’s Monopoly game is a useless waste of time.
“I’d hate for you to lose your job for what you’re saying,” I said in confidential tones.
“Why would I lose my job for saying something we all know is true?” she shouted. Hmmm. I let it go. KW

P.S. Here's a link to "green sewing ideas" from the Nancy Zieman blog (here).


Chris said...

Hmm, I think I'll just keep on using my platic razors. I don't like the weight of the metal ones (I often drop my razor in the shower and I'd just as soon keep my toes), and I hate changing the blades (ditto my fingers).

Kathy said...

The one I bought is plastic with replaceable blades. I agree with you that I'm not about to take a metal razor into the shower and then cope with changing the blades. And I've avoided saying it, but my skim isn't as tough as it used to be and the hair is more sparse.

Hallie said...

Interesting information! What if the razor had a wood handle? What is the difficulty with replacing the blades? You'll pay $15 for 7 replacement heads on one of those cartridge dealies but only 10 cents a blade for a safety razor. Please do tell. I am between methods, but thinking I'll go to a safety razor.

Kathy said...

You're really talking about the old-fashioned safety razor here? I've never had my own safety razor. I had a pretty pink Lady Remington electric razor once, but it died.

I kinda think there are reasons to avoid safety razors, so let's do more research.