Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Mike (black helmet) -- Sam (white helmet)

Sam came by at 6:30 Tuesday morning (May 9), and after a little last minute fiddling, they were off to New Mexico and south Texas. There’s an agenda and an itinerary, and that probably holds Sam to a tighter schedule than that adventurous soul usually follows. However, he was gracious in thanking me for letting Mike travel with him, and I admit that wasn’t quite the way I had couched this trip in my mind.

Last minute fiddling
As they passed down the drive, onto the street, and out of sight, it was suddenly very quiet and felt somehow final. Apparently Bess sensed it, too, because she went out to check and came right back to sulk. Nellie didn’t have to check. Nellie already knew.

And I know from experience that the time will fly by, whether or not I accomplish anything, but I have my list and my plans, and I stifled the urge to just sit on the sofa and await Mike’s return.

First, I went to town. At Jo-Ann’s, I checked out decorative elastics for doll clothes. After making a selection from the rack, on a whim I checked the clearance shelf -- just for fun -- and discovered fancy elastics for a fourth of the price. The style doesn't matter to me, so I bought “several” packages and will return today for more.

You know, sometimes someone makes a comment that just puts things into perspective. Visiting from Brooklyn, the 20-something granddaughter of a P.E.O. sister dropped in at our rummage sale. Spying a box of mid-century shelf dolls, she selected several as gifts for her “other” grandma who collects dolls. We thought her donation was a little high for what she was “buying,” so we asked if she would like to select something more. She asked if she could have the 1940’s storybook-type shelf doll she had seen on another table, saying she thought it would make a great gift for her roommate back in Brooklyn. We said certainly and all were pleased with the deal.

Throughout our discussion, she had seemed reserved, so I was surprised when as she was leaving she said, “My five-year-old self is so happy!” “I know what you mean,” I responded with a laugh. “I have one, too.” So, yes, the bargain at Jo-Ann’s made my five-year-old self so happy!

Maryellen models outfits for Hazel
Back at the house, I proceeded to turn the living area into my sewing studio. That way I’ll be less isolated from “my family” (Nellie and Bess) and can sew while I watch tv. I hope this arrangement will also be an aid to once again straightening the sewing studio, which is currently full of disorder.

I walked the dogs at the usual time -- 3:00 -- but it was warm (85) and Nellie doesn't tolerate heat well. Nevertheless, we persevered and covered most of our route.

I didn’t hear from Mike last night, but I’m sure he’s fine. After all, I could call him, too – unless, of course, he’s already lost his phone. KW

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Hallie said...

For the benefit of our readers: I texted Dad and he confirmed that today he was in SE UT, deemed "some of the most fantastic scenery in the world" (agree), and is having a great time. *phew!*