Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I was up this morning about 5:30. It was 39 but with the sun shining brightly, it was 50 by 7:00. I didn’t notice the high for today.

The dogs were both frisky and exuberant when I got them out of the kennel this morning, and before long they both insisted on a long walk. So – we walked. And while we were out, I took this picture of the building site in the field.

American Girl Truly Me Doll: Light Skin with Freckles, Dark Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes + Accessories
Hazel -- #55

Today’s staycation gift was Hazel, an American Girl doll. Oh no, she didn't come to my house and isn’t going to live with me, but I rejoice in her as a gift anyway. She was delivered to my niece Becky for her granddaughter, my great grandniece. (I looked it up; that’s the appropriate phrase – “great grandniece” -- the granddaughter of one's niece.) Becky said Hazel appeared to be asleep when she arrived, but she was able to rouse her and she opened her eyes. As a “Truly Me” doll, I see Hazel in a contemporary and slightly outrageous wardrobe. As much as I talk about sewing for my own dolls, it’s exciting to make clothes for a child’s doll.

Outfits for Hazel -- mailed today

I received two invitations to dinner – both for Wednesday night. Wouldn’t you just know it? I had accepted the first so apologetically declined the second.

The days have a way of just slipping by, don’t they? Years ago, a friend told me that there’s plenty of time for anything you truly want to do, but I don’t believe that. It takes time to do things, and there are interruptions in daily living which must be handled. We have to pick and choose how we will pass the time that’s available. If we have time and choices, we’re lucky.

I felt somewhat lethargic today. I had planned to shop for groceries but let it go for the second day in a row. Tomorrow I’ll have to step up to it because I’m out of dog treats. I realized I’m probably not getting enough sleep, so tonight I’ll go to bed on time and try to sleep later in the morning.

Ken came by this afternoon and took Bess for a good run. However, both Nellie and Bess failed to settle down after supper, continually pestering me. Nellie always gets spring fever and wants to wander and explore on her own, which I refuse to let her do. So, when I reached the end of my rope, I put them to bed. KW

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