Thursday, May 18, 2017


It’s cold. A friend living in the “upper country” wrote to say that it was snowing this morning. It may well have snowed at Gilbert as well. And here in the valley, we got plenty of rain (.26 inch for the day).

It was raining when I got the dogs out of the kennel. Nellie marched purposefully to the field above the house, and I just let her go. I was not about to chase her down in that wet grass. Bess and I walked around the neighborhood for a few minutes, and Nellie rejoined us at the house some 15 minutes later.

When it was time to settle down – and I do expect the dogs to settle down and leave me in peace – Nellie was still marching restlessly around the house. Bess was on the big pillow, and they don’t share it well. Bess likes her share out of the middle, and Nellie won’t get on if Bess is already on the pillow. When they do share the pillow Bess leans heavily on Nell. It was obvious Nellie just wasn’t getting comfortable, so I did what Mike and I had agreed not to do – I went to the shed for a second big pillow, and the minute it hit the floor, Nellie was on it. She immediately went to sleep and didn’t much move for five hours. She’s somewhat arthritic, you know, and she needs space and cushioning.
Our neighbor Roland

I had lunch with sister Joni who was in town for appointments. She remarked that she was warm as she sat in her car this morning. Despite the dreariness of the day, somehow the sun manages to warm us through the windows at this time of year. And then tonight Ken and Ginny took me to dinner.

Speaking of cold and snow, Mike called tonight. Undoubtedly he’ll tell this story, but he and Sam got into cold and snow with the result that they had to alter their route. Mike has had enough and plans to head on home a little earlier than anticipated, but Sam is going to adventure on.

I  sewed a little this afternoon but also spent time preparing for my role as delegate to a convention this weekend. KW


Hallie said...

Why did you and Dad agree not to bring in the second pillow? Just because of space concerns? Nellie looks very content with her own pillow. Bess' pillow is pretty--is that one that you made?

Kathy said...

Yes, the big pillows fill what little living room floor space we have. What we really need is two smaller pillows. Both of these pillows are from Costco. They happened to reduce the price of the gold one while we were shopping. According to a worker, the color was apparently unappealing and they weren't moving. The pretty one I obtained through the P.E.O. rummage sale. I have yet to make a pillow, but I have some fleece and plenty of stuffing.

Hallie said...

The yellow bushes along the house are striking. What are those? I can't remember if I told you, but we finally found the perfect plant for in front of our retaining wall. After just a few days, I noticed some browning leaves and it looked like slugs and snails were getting after them. I sprinkled slug and snail bait, but then Nick and I witnessed a crow making off with the little pellets! You wouldn't think that those would be good for the crows, but I don't have a soft spot for them anyway. I'm also spreading coffee grounds along the perimeter...I guess the slugs and snails don't like to cross over the sharp grounds. The plants don't seem to be getting worse, so I'm hoping it was just a little hiccup in their adjustment to the new home.

Kathy said...

It's a variety of euonymus. It looked absolutely terrible this winter and I thought we'd be lucky if it came back, but come back it did, and it's very nice this year. We have to keep pruning it or it climbs the side of the house, invading cracks and crevices.

Weird that the crows would eat the slug and snail bait. I've heard that coffee grounds are good and also crushed egg shells. Yes, I hope your plants improve.