Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Allyn & Hazel
I’m not sure I ever explained what became of the Springfield doll I acquired last year (here). Springfield dolls are “knock-offs” of the much more expensive American Girl doll, and the one given to me had been used – and maybe somewhat abused. At any rate, I decided not to keep that doll and gave it to Allyn, my great-grandniece, along with a few outfits I had made. And as time went by I sent a few more outfits.

Then Allyn’s grandmother, my niece Becky, said, “We have to talk about that doll. The clothes just don’t fit right.” It was clear that the doll was disappointing, and that was easy to understand because her flat pancake body has no structure. It also came out that Allyn was aware of American Girls and that she’d love to have one. So, as a collaborative effort, Becky and I got her one – Hazel. The collaborative effort as originally planned had included Harriet – my sister, Becky’s mother, Allyn’s great-grandmother. But Harriet left before we got to that point.

Allyn and Hazel
Anyway, Allyn chose Hazel from the line-up of "Truly Me" AG dolls – apparently without hesitation – and Becky ordered her. I sent a few more new outfits, not knowing if those I sent earlier would transfer from the Springfield doll. Finally Allyn and Hazel are together, and the photos show that Hazel loves her inherited wardrobe. And that’s great!

I’m inspired by this story, and I’m just sorry I don’t live closer, but I suppose it's for the best. I’d probably wear out my welcome. Yes, it’s best that I play quietly by myself. KW


Hallie said...

That is wonderful! Allyn is a sweet girl and I'm glad she's excited to have a new friend. It's impossible not to feel something when you see those photos.

Chris said...

Another happy doll lover in your family! I agree with Hallie--those pictures are precious! Good work, Aunt Kathy!

Kathy said...

The pictures say it all, don't they?

Chris! How wonderful to hear from you! I know you're very busy right now. I'm waiting patiently until you can play again.