Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Monday, June 5, 2017

When Mike and I left the old homestead last Wednesday (May 31), I felt I was seeing the vivid yellowness of the rapeseed fields for the last time. The yellow blossoms were falling and the fields were already taking on a greenish hue, making the yellow more dull. And – as we drove in yesterday, my suspicions were confirmed. Some blossoms still cling to the vines, but they will all be gone soon. The overall effect is a dull green.

Friday, May 12 -- not yet in full bloom
The fields were just turning to yellow on Friday, May 12, when Clint and I drove in to pick up the 4-wheeler. 

May 24
We didn’t come in again until May 24, when we stayed for a week over Memorial Day weekend. I was glad that Hallie and Nick -- and Clint, too -- got to see the yellow fields, even though they were probably beyond their peak at that time. 
May 30 -- beginning to look a little greener

June 5 -- blossoms drop, pods begin to develop
June 5 -- Yellow to dull green


Hallie said...

Nothing gold can stay.

Chuck said...

Hi, Kathy,
Loved the pictures. Harvest can't be too far off. In picture 6, all the stick-looking things are long seed pods, with a row of black seeds in a line. At least they are black at harvest. Those are pressed into rapeseed oil, which is a lubricant, among other uses. Enjoy the transformation.

Kathy said...

Well, I guess we just have to look for a different kind of gold.

Hi Chuck! Yes, Mike opened one of the pods and saw the little black seeds. Perhaps they get bigger with maturity?