Friday, July 28, 2017


First day of rapeseed harvest, July 26 (Grass burning is actually some distance from us.)

Harvesting near the canyon, July 26
The harvest “crew” worked fairly late Wednesday, the first day of harvest, but Thursday (yesterday) we didn’t see them. We didn’t know what was going on until Mike took the dogs for their late afternoon walk and ran into Farmer Kyle where he parks above Plank Pitch. He said the work was delayed because a deer antler punctured a tire. They were harvesting June’s place but on top where we couldn’t see them. Bummer! We left the homestead this morning at 9:00, and they had just started working again.
Soon we'll reestablish our trail here

Rapeseed in the north field
I suppose harvest will be over when next we return, and I’m sorry to miss it, but it’s okay. Frankly, we’re looking forward to having the crop gone so that we can re-establish our circuitous walking route and come back to the farm yard through June’s field. The stubble may be fairly high, but Mike says he’ll make us a trail. And Hallie, reading my mind, posted this comment on the previous post: “Oh boy! Freedom! Can you imagine all the places you'll walk? Across that field, then across that field. Maybe across that other field. Wheeee!” Not to mention that our views will be unobstructed.

Machinery in June's field this morning
Farmer Kyle says he’ll plant wheat this fall, and in the past, he’s planted about the time deer season opens. He said he committed to rapeseed because at the time he planted, the price was high. Now it’s dropping every day, he says. Gotta be a gambler if you farm for a living.

So, yes – we’re back in town. For one thing, I didn’t tell you about this, but last Saturday, as we attempted to take the dogs to the river for exercise, the Dakota wouldn’t start. We’ve had an intermittent problem for several months. Mike was all set to replace the alternator, but fiddling under the hood after we arrived here today, he discovered a loose connection. So, that was a quick fix and he’s relieved.

The burned trees have to go
So, we made this last trip to the farm in the old Silverado, which was the plan anyway. I helped Mike load firewood from our stash of pine in the barn, and he also loaded the chokecherry. (That lovely chokecherry tree in the draw died as a result of the fire two years ago, and he cut it down.) Then yesterday, I guess he needed more to do on a hot afternoon, so he obtained our neighbor’s permission to begin cutting that stand of burned trees right above our lane. For our neighbor, it’s out of sight and out of mind, but we have to look at it. It’s past time for it to be gone. Mike only had the small saw, but he managed to cut down one tree and load the wood.

Dress for Elizabeth
I don't do well in the heat, so I find indoor activities. Yesterday I finished this cute dress for Elizabeth, Emmy’s doll, once again modeled by Shirley Anne, American Farm Girl. The characters on the fabric are “Shopkins.” Emmy has quite a collection of Shopkins, though I understand she no longer buys them.

We had waffles with serviceberry syrup for breakfast. Oh – I still have to tell you about the serviceberry jelly, don’t I? KW

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