Sunday, September 28, 2008


Thursday morning Mike and I systematically packed up the Dakota for the return to Clarkston. I packed the Bernina and accessories in her case and made sure she was loaded into the pick-up so that I would have her for the Bernina class on Saturday.

Friday morning we were up at 5:00 so that Mike could ride to Spokane for a motorcycle training session. And one of my first thoughts upon awakening was that I had left the sewing box I so carefully cleaned and repacked right there on the chest. Included in the box were sewing notions, fabrics, and projects for the Bernina class on Saturday. The most disappointing to me was that I had made quilt sandwiches out of some holiday placemats cut from a panel. My inclination was to get in the car and drive right back to the farm to retrieve the box. I decided instead to buy a little fabric and batting here in town and simply re-make a quilting sandwich. In terms of conserving gasoline, this was a wise decision. However, I spent $35.00 at Jo-Ann's.

The class at the Bernina shop went well. Only two of us students showed for this session which made it seem so much more relaxed. I had no complaints about the first class, but this second class was really fun. I think one of the purposes of the class is to make the new machine owner realize how much she is missing by not having various feet, clever machine accessories, and the expensive stitch regulator module.

This afternoon I began work on the frumpy frock, which doesn't fit. Tomorrow I'll experiment with some alterations. KW


Hallie said...

I tried making a skirt from a pattern once. It wasn't quite the right fabric and when I was done it didn't fit. It is very disappointing to do all of that work and not have it fit.

I'm certain you'll get it!

Kathy said...

I was leery of the skirt project at the time because it's necessary to measure the pattern to be sure it fits. I didn't help you much. The good news is that I still have the pattern. I came across it the other day. It's a good basic skirt pattern with about five different styles. We could do it again -- and we'd undoubtedly be better. XO