Thursday, September 18, 2008


I was shopping for a jacket pattern at Jo-Ann's Fabrics the other day – a pattern suitable for some corduroy I bought 20 years ago. I discovered that Butterick has a selection of "retro" patterns, including retro coats / jackets. "Why not?" I said to myself, as I considered a jacket pattern marked "retro 1952." I retrieved the pattern from the drawer and did a double take on the price -- $16.50. I happen to be someone who remembers when patterns were $.35, so $16.50 seemed a little steep. As much as I wanted the gratification of instant purchase, on a whim I decided to check the sales flier. And there it was – a Thursday through Saturday sale on Butterick patterns -- $1.99 each.

"So," I asked the associate, "does this mean that on Thursday I could buy this pattern for $1.99."

"That's what it means," she said.

"Then I'll be back Thursday," I replied.

It didn't take me long to realize that I could buy 8 Butterick patterns on Thursday and still not exceed the regular price of that one pattern. After all, I am a hopeless pattern addict. And I have a new sewing machine and need to sew. So, during Monday Night Football I searched the Butterick website and made a list of patterns interesting to me – 8 in all. And today – Thursday – I showed up at Jo-Ann's, list in hand, to select and purchase my patterns. In the photo above you can see my choices. The fabric in the background I plan to use to make the jacket.

And – my sales receipt indicates I saved $105.58. I don't think Mike appreciates what a gem he has in me! If I'd bought more patterns, I would have saved even more money! KW


chris miller said...

Hey--the picture has disappeared! I liked what I saw last night though.

Kathy said...

THERE -- I think I reinstated the photo. I discovered a little typo in the text this morning and corrected it. Probably lost the photo in the process. Blogging on a laptop can be problematic. KW