Saturday, September 13, 2008


One picture is worth a thousand words," as they say, so here are pictures of Kathy's "new improved" vintage sewing room. Last month I bought a new Bernina sewing machine and am gradually acquainting myself with it. It doesn't quite fit in my old Singer cabinet, but I'm using it for now. Eventually I hope to have a table that better fits the Bernina. Then we might remove the table from the cabinet and just use it for fabric and notions storage. You can never have enough fabric storage.
My sewing room is adjacent to Hallie's room and they connect by a walk-through closet. It's interesting, though, that the two rooms have entirely different "affects," I guess you would call it. Hallie's room is always bright and cheery while the other room seems more shaded. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed outfitting the vintage sewing room, which has brought out its unique personality, and I also use Hallie's room. I'm quite at home in Hallie's room because it's the room that was mine when I was growing up.

Nothing great has come out of the vintage sewing room yet, but as you can see, my bulletin board is covered with inspiration gathered through the years. I find it's taking a lot of courage to get started on those projects. I put them off, thinking one day I would have the skills to do them beautifully, and now that it's time to plunge in, I'm learning what was always true – you just have to plunge in. And the process has brought me once again face to face with what is unfinished. Sometimes I can deal with it – and sometimes I just put the lid on the box and stash it back in the closet. For instance, yesterday I came up with a box containing many of my mother's sewing notions, including packages of pink pearls left over from my wedding dress. No, they don't take up much room, so I keep them.
We'll return to town on Monday. The old Dodge Ram is loaded with wood, so the sewing machine is going to stay here for "her" own protection – along with many other things. We'll have a good time anyway – don't worry!

[I took this picture of the south side of the house especially to show the second story windows. The window on the left is Hallie's room while the one on the right is the sewing room. The square window in the middle provides daylight -- or moonlight -- in the walk-through closet.] KW

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