Thursday, October 9, 2008


Mike was getting ready for his bike ride. "It looks like rain," I observed.

"What do you mean?! I was just outside – the sun is shining."

"Nevertheless," I said, "it's dark to the north."

Mike went for his ride during which Nellie and I went for a walk. No more going out without gloves, I said to myself. And where did I put my gnome hat? It felt like snow and Mike also said as much. The low temp this morning was right at freezing.

[The two photos above look to the north. The photo to the left looks south on the "road" through June's place. Nellie and I often take that route as we return to the house from our walk. That way our final approach is a decline rather than an incline.]

Farmer Kyle is here doing the fall planting. He brought the equipment in last night about 5:00 and expected to work into the night. However, a breakdown occurred and he didn't really get started until this afternoon. The up-close photo is just south of the house. The distant photo is in the south field. Kyle explained that he's planting all our fields this fall instead of rotating them in order to put this farm on the same cycle with June's place, farmed by the Praest boys.

Hallie is traveling right now, helping a friend move from Seattle to San Diego. She was looking forward to the trip and seeing new things. She'll fly back to Seattle but I'm not sure what day. We probably won't hear from her for a few days.

We caught one mouse last night in one of the old snap traps. He made the fatal error of approaching the sofa from behind. (No photo.)

Deer season opens tomorrow. Hunters expected. KW

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Hallie said...

It is Monday evening and I'm back in the rainy Seattle I love! San Francisco is a neat place and worth visiting again because of the architecture (it's EXACTLY like the movies). San Diego was all Spanish-style Mexican influenced homes with red tile roofs. Not a big fan of those and it was too hot for me. Will I move to California someday? No. I don't particularly care for palm trees.