Friday, November 21, 2008


Today I had a list of things to accomplish. I cleaned the stove and the fridge and some other things. Mid-morning Mike decided this would be a good day to burn a slash pile and I helped keep watch on the fire for a while. We had several hard rains yesterday, so the vegetation was wet and indeed, the fire had to be encouraged to burn. The photo to the left shows the burn pile. I took the photo on the right from the porch so that you can see the locations of the fire -- north of the house on the northeastern edge of the property. We consider this a lovely area -- I call it "the park," but the slash pile was an eyesore.

We had expected a tech this afternoon to install a Dish upgrade, but the LG developed a problem last night that continued to worsen today. The picture flashes and the set shuts itself off. At first it happened every couple of hours. Now it won't stay on. So, we canceled the upgrade and called LG and scheduled a repair for Dec. 5. Believe me -- we're having a very quiet evening!

This afternoon I spent some time in the vintage sewing room. I am making a muslin apron for Ina to wear over the frumpy frock. I enjoy my little sewing room. "State of the art" it isn't, but it's rather cozy and handy. No colder than it has been, just turning on the iron seems to warm the room adequately. I discovered that my kitchen counter is a dandy height for the cut-out process. My new machine has a great darning feature and I accomplished some mending today.

When Mike left for his bike ride, Nellie and I went for a walk. She got up two rooster pheasants down in the gulley on June's property. We see pheasants rarely – not many game birds here these days. They were probably "escapees" from the hunting lodge in Little Canyon.

Nellie and I still felt energetic when we reached the mailbox, so we walked on around to the Senters' place by way of the road. It looks as though they might be preparing to replace the porch supports. You can see what I mean by the aluminum windows.

This screen porch off the kitchen is a nice feature, I think.

This cellar was rather nice at one time with wallpaper on the walls and fancy shelving. A concrete walkway linked the house to the cellar but the house door has been boarded over and one of those "modern" windows installed. Sometimes I rather wish we had a cellar, especially if mice and rats didn't inhabit it.
Since we don't have tv, I guess we'll read as long as we can stay awake. Mike and I are both reading books from the old Dobson library -- he, The Prairie by James Fenimore Cooper, and I, Dicken's A Christmas Carol. KW

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