Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"The Lord is with me today!" exclaimed the character in the movie we watched Saturday night – "The Trip to Bountiful." That described the way I felt about Saturday.

I especially love to shop for groceries this time of year – so much in the stores. Last week I reviewed the sales fliers and decided to shop at Safeway on Saturday. I had my list and my coupons all ready. Mike and I set out for the store fairly early in the morning. As we mulled over our turkey selection, LJ and Debbie approached us. Debbie is my liaison to good things on the internet and we had just been messaging over color books, markers, and the virtues of coloring. Our online discussion continued when we returned to our homes.

Then – after lunch – I answered a knock at the front door and found "Aunt" Chris standing there with a "birthday" gift for me, a crochet hook caddy she stitched and quilted . "I can't stay," she explained – something about picking up doors because they are replacing dark doors in the interior of their house with white doors and had to return to Moscow in good time in order to watch their grandchildren. "Oh, I wish you could stay," I began to protest. "I really can't," she said, adopting her best 4th-grade teacher tone. I was properly quiet on the subject.

How did she know I could use a "hook book" for my crochet hooks, I wonder. Crochet hooks are like the illusive can of tomato sauce on the pantry shelf: it's easier to buy what you need than hunt for the one you know you have. But I'm set now; I looked through all my hook stashes, separated the various sizes, and made a selection for my new caddy. (Yes, I still have hooks in stashes.)

After Chris and Dan left, I spent the afternoon at Mary Jane's reviewing a book – a most inspiring study. It's been difficult to get together recently due to travel and company and this and that. We hope to make better progress over the winter months.

And then, of course, Mike and I watched a good movie after the football game. What a great day!


Hallie said...

That's a very clever idea! I wonder where Aunt Chris came up with that. I like the fancy embroidery on the front...I'd like to know if this was a pattern project or if it was imagined and then created.

chris miller said...

Oh no, your Aunt Chris is not that clever. The embroidery on the front was done with my embroidery machine, and the whole thing was a pattern. But it sure is a cute one! (I love that you think I might actually be that creative!) It was fun to make, and as soon as I saw the pattern, I knew who it was for.

Kathy said...

I don't know the answer. Maybe Aunt Chris will see this post and answer your question. If she doesn't, I'll write and ask her. XO

Kathy said...

See? We were writing at virtually the same time!

Wherever our ideas come from, we all bring our own special creative abilities to the project. More love, KW