Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is the view from our kitchen window (more or less). The grouping of trees on the hill is the Senter place. If you look closely at the photo you can make out the roof and chimney. The driveway to the old house from Miller Road is roped off now, but Rick Miller said it would be okay for me to visit the place and take pictures. Today was the day.
I have observed that when I go out to exercise, I might determine to go two or three miles – maybe more. But the minute there's a destination and purpose, the shortest route is in order. It's at least two miles (one way) to the Senter house by way of the road but probably not even a mile cross country. Naturally, we went cross country -- Nellie and I. Nellie was confused at first, thinking we would take the usual route on Dobson Road. I had to whistle her back, but she was glad enough to come. The field we crossed has not been plowed so the walking was easy. The hike went quickly. Soon we're there.

In a letter to Vance dated October 24, 1934, Ina writes that Bruce and Celia Senter had bought the Ben Dickson place. (Ben was Ina's brother and also homesteaded here in 1895.) The Senters had a family of three or four children when they moved here from Central Ridge, the eldest in high school. In another letter Ina mentions that Bruce was a hard worker. Bruce and Celia were here until about 1960, I think, and then they sold out to the Millers and moved to Spokane. That's all I know of them. And I don't know who built the house, but it seems like it could have been Uncle Ben. Note the tv antenna on the house -- modern times!

As you can see the house is in a sad state of repair. Apparently Chuck Miller, who lives and works in Seattle, has long cherished the desire to refurbish it. I don't know – I rather suspect the time has passed for that. Once that rot sets in . . .

I wanted a picture of the parlor window and as you can see I captured myself. Yes, there is furniture in the house by way of cast-offs, I suspect. Even the birdhouse is in dilapidation!

The first picture shows the Senter place from our place. Here's our place from the Senter's -- that clump of pine trees is the grove behind the house.

And these last photos were taken on the return trip -- out of the ordinary views.

I would love to take these again when there's snow.


Hallie said...

That's pretty cool! The house looks to be a smaller, but similar style to yours. You often see those stained-glass/leaded glass windows in antique shops.

Chuck said...

I agree with Hallie. The layout of the house is very similar. I wonder if the inside bears the same resemblance. I'm glad you are able to have these interesting outings.

Kathy said...

Well, from peering in the windows, I can tell you that the leaded glass window is the living room and the dining room lies behind it. The kitchen is to the right of the dining room, on the back of the house. The remaining room in this quad is the room next to the living room on the front of the house -- probably the front bedroom. From what I could see, the interior didn't remind me of our farmhouse, except of course, that houses were built to conserve, rather than waste, space. Therefore, the floor plans weren't especially imaginative. KW