Monday, August 30, 2010


It may have been just a blip, but it seemed stressful nevertheless. The surgery is over. It went just fine. Mike is drowsy and resting comfortably. He was cognizant enough to record the football game when we got home. He is taking nourishment.

We have to see the doctor again Friday morning. We expect that a smaller dressing will be applied at that time. A pin was installed, and I believe the doctor said it extends just beyond the tip of his finger.

"How did you injure yourself?" asked the anesthetist.

"Well, nothing glamorous," began Mike.

"Then you have to work on your story," she rejoined.

So, I have walked Nellie and now I'm off to do something fun -- bake a peach pie. KW


Hallie said...

That finger photo makes me cringe! Impossible to replicate when the tendon is attached.

Hope you're feeling okay, Pops!

debdog42 said...

Forget about that finger I want peach pie! HAHAHA!!