Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One thing about Halloween -- when it's over, it's over. We can fool around with witches and bats and ghosts for two months, but once the event is over, the ghoulish symbols quickly disappear, leaving us with comfortable harvest symbols -- pumpkins and leaves and such in oranges and browns and reds -- as we segue into Christmas.

I finally did it! I ordered the bottle brush wreaths I've wanted for years from the Vermont Country Store. The disappointment is that they aren't flocked but rather coated in glitter -- and you know what a nuisance that is! Glitter everywhere! However, I deemed them affordable and look forward to putting one in each "east dormer" window across the front of the house for a vintage look. I like to keep my holiday decorating understated in the tradition of bygone years. And that works for me because I have to be able to take it down and store it quickly.

The wreaths came Monday, and I have to admit they brought with them the holiday spirit. I didn't have time to sew but I had to shop, so I figured I could find encouragement for my holiday spirit at WalMart. However, I was dismayed to discover the front aisles still filled with Halloween costumes, decorations, candy, etc. -- in disarray but still there. I figured if I headed to the garden department -- that huge area on one side of the store -- I'd find Christmas waiting for me.

"Hello!" an associate called to me. "I'm settin' Christmas."

"And I know you're having a wonderful time," I replied. She agreed. Then she told me that she was shorthanded, apparently because employees had been assigned the night shift in order to clear Halloween out of the front aisles and put Christmas there as well as in the garden department. Still, she was cheerful about her work, though I wondered if perhaps she could have been working a little faster. "I'll bet they're set up in Denver," I thought to myself as I went about my business. KW


debdog42 said...

Kathy, you could always buy a can of flock and give them a light coat! LOL!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

I did not see those in the catalogue - I love Vermont Country Store - I shall have to look.
I'm glad there are other understated Christmas celebraters. We don't even go crazy with gifts although I do try to make most of the ones we give.

Kathy said...

I had the same idea, Deb. In a few years, when the glitter isn't so pretty, I can lightly flock them.

Dr. Molly -- the bottle brush wreaths come and go apparently. I didn't buy them several years ago because I didn't like the price. I love to look at the Vermont Country Store items . . . but the price they want for things my mother bought at the five-and-dime! And I think I spotted these wreaths at the website.

Hallie said...

Glad you got them! For the short while that I worked at Target, I can tell you that it WAS fun to work on the overnight crew to set Christmas. In fact, it was a bit like Christmas to open all those boxes to see what what was going out on the shelves.

Kathy said...

Hmmm. I didn't know you ever had fun working at Target. You didn't much let on.

I have wanted those wreaths for a few years. I hope they suit my purpose.

Hallie said...

The overnights were okay. You customers.

Kathy said...

I guess you say with Snoopy, "I love mankind. It's people I can't stand."