Sunday, November 21, 2010


I just checked. A winter storm watch remains in effect for this region. It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow with accumulation of 7 to 10 inches in the valleys. This storm will be followed by a spell of arctic cold. News from Spokane said that this phenomenon -- arctic cold in November -- happens once in 15 years. The same weather report said that area grocery stores have been busy as people prepare for the storm. I'm sure Thanksgiving needs add to the sense of urgency.

Mike and I have decided to winterize the farmhouse today. That means we'll turn the water off and drain the pipes. Then we'll return to town to take care of the modular home.

I was just taking mental stock of supplies on hand at the town house. I have what I need for my Thanksgiving dinner commitment -- Dr. Pepper salad, pumpkin pie, and mystery pecan pie. And as for pantry stores, I believe it would be a long time before we'd starve, even if it came down to eating cake. We'll probably stop for milk on the way into town.

I have put my sewing machine into production mode. I volunteered to make favors for an upcoming Christmas party -- machine lace snowflakes. I decided I would make better progress if I brought the machine downstairs so that I could cook and clean while keeping an eye on the machine. I set up the operation on Grandma Ina's "pantry" cupboard in the corner of the dining room. It looks right at home there, doesn't it?

Saturday morning (yesterday) Mike and I made a trip to Orofino to have a wheel from the 4-wheel trailer aired up at Les Schwabb. While we waited we found three geocaches. It was cold -- about freezing, I think. We agreed to put off a fourth cache that involved a short hike until warmer weather.

Here's a picture I took just before dusk Friday evening. Note the pinkish glow caused by the declining sun, and the nearly full moon as it rises. KW


Hallie said...

Sounds like a fun project that you're working on! Sad that you're closing up the house for winter.

Chris said...

I'm so proud of you!! You're a true embroiderer now that you've hauled your machine into the kitchen. :-) Lace is perfect for production and cooking. I'm certain the ladies will love and treasure your favors.

Cold here and a few flakes are already falling. Our house is crammed with food, but we do need some milk and eggs. Probably I should make a quick run to the store later.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

snowing lots here - this is the first I've gotten back to the computer, but once, sice I came back from FL. Our house is always "crammed with food", so I figure all will be OK & it will just be a cold snowy Thanksgiving.

Kathy said...

No, Hallie, we didn't close the house for the winter, though we did turn off the water and drain the pipes. We still plan to spend time on the farm before Christmas. We hated to have to drain the pipes, but Mike has it fixed so it's fairly simple to do.

Thanks, Chris. I truly feel as though I "turned a corner" with the embroidery. I have even done some problem solving. You know how it is -- success begets success.

Welcome home, Dr. Molly!