Sunday, January 23, 2011


I used to think this day was so far off it would never come. The "Old Codger" turned 70 today. He took the dog out for a hunt and returned to wash the pick-up and the car. While he was gone I gave him a special birthday treat by vacuuming – usually his job.  I also washed and mended the dog's pillow, fixed quail for the crock-pot, and made his favorite pie, "Mystery Pecan." I made a half recipe of the pie filling and baked it in a little pie dish inherited from my mother. I figured anything with cream cheese, sugar, pecans, and vanilla can't fail so much that it won't be edible. Plans to have friends join us for supper were postponed due to illness. We'll probably re-schedule for "Super Sunday."

"The house looks nice since you vacuumed," said Mike. "I think you're better at it than I am." Yes, I am.

Thanks for the cards and calls. KW

Nellie's eyes say it all: "I had the pillow just the way I liked it, Kathy."


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Well Happy Birthday to Mike and wish him many more!

Chris said...

Happy birthday to Mike! And Dan says to tell him, "Happy codging." :-)

Mike said...

Thanks, Sweetheart, for softening the blow of this scary day. Just kidding -it was a great day.

Leah said...

Mike: Happy belated Birthday wishes from California. May you find joy in each day. I hope that the challenges in the year ahead strengthen you and that you always have goals to reach.