Sunday, May 22, 2011


Friday (May 20) was another lovely day. With the assistance of neighbor Pete, Mike worked on the windmill pump.  Mike took Pete's advice and used a chain saw to trim out the big tire for a raised bed. Now -- to find some dirt.
 I took Nellie for a walk in the afternoon and she pointed a pair of huns (partridges). "Just watch me, Kathy. I'm pretty good at this."
See the snow on the Clearwater Mountains?
 The little Montmorency sour cherry tree is blooming. I hope we have a few cherries. I bought yards of netting at Jo-Ann's when it was on sale. I'm ready to fight for my share.
And these are pear blossoms. This tree is very old but still bears fruit, though last year's crop wasn't edible. Hallie and Nick pruned the tree in hopes better aeration will improve the fruit.
Here's another picture of snow-capped distant mountains. KW


Hallie said...

That's an interesting idea about the tractor tire. Do you like it now that it's cut out?

Kathy said...

Farmer Kyle brought us that old tire, and yes, we're looking forward to using it as a raised bed. Also, Neighbor Pete has one he says he'll give us. I guess I hanker a bit for somethin' a little dressier. On the other hand, that's two old tires being re-used.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...


I have 2 tires that I got from the DD & her partner 'the farmer' - new to me this year. However, she gardens in several raised bed tires and had them cut out this year. She said it gave a lot more room. I asked her to have 'the farmer' come over & cut out mine - he uses a "Saws-All" - & I'm looking forward to the bigger area, too.
But, I wanted to say that she thinks the rubber in the tires helps keep the beds warmer.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the comment, Dr. M. Mike also had intended to use the "Saws-All" until the neighbor said a chain saw would work and get the job done faster. That was all Mike needed to hear. I'm looking forward to planting in the tire. Tomatoes? Strawberries? Corn? What do you grow in yours?

Leah said...

Stunning landscape photos. When I saw the photo of Mike sawing the tire, I could smell the rubber and almost see the black tire dust floating in the air. How did the clothes hanging on the line escape the rubber dust in the air? Was the wind blowing against his back?

Kathy said...

We didn't either one of us think about contaminating the clothes on the line -- before or after. In fact, not until you mentioned it, Leah. Too late to worry now.

By the way, the clothesline is broken -- has to be replaced. I'm dragging my heels. I'm probably going to have to order it, but I just wish I could see it in person in order to judge the quality. They cost anywhere from $50 (too cheap) to $250 (is that necessary?)

Chris said...

Mmm, love the pictures. And it looks like Hallie's pruning was most successful!