Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Nick and Hallie like to be active around the farm, so they prune and weed and generally help us with whatever needs to be done.

Here's Mike pruning the old maple tree. Nick and Hallie hauled the limbs and clippings to the burn pile.

On Monday, Hallie and Nick decided the old apple tree at the pond should be pruned. Hallie brought the ladder from the house with the 4-wheeler.

Nick and Hallie are pruning the old apple tree. To the right, Nellie rolls in the unplowed field.

Leave-taking on Tuesday: Nick and Hallie stand beside Hallie's Jetta.

At right, Hallie and Kathy.

Mike and Hallie

It was good -- all of it.


Hallie said...

If it weren't for the last two photos you'd think it impossible for me to keep my eyes open for a photo!

We DID have much fun. *sigh*

Kathy said...

ALL RIGHT! I changed out the first "car" photo for the second. Hope that's better. I thought the 4-wheeler photo was pretty good.

Chris said...

Love the pictures--I got a little misty looking at the last ones. :-) I knew you were having a wonderful weekend. Precious days, precious memories.

Hallie said...

Readers will be impressed at the improvement in the apple tree. We'll have to show an "after" picture to be compared with the "before". In a few years I think we'll be on track for some decent fruit. Let's hope!

I'm also interested in seeing how the maintenance on the rose bush affects the blossoms. While it's not quite where I'd like it to be, I think I made some major headway. A good fall pruning should put us on track for something impressive next year. Goodness, what fun!

Kathy said...

I should have been more careful about the before and after pictures. Just didn't think about it . . .

This was the first year I was aware of the apple trees in bloom. Perhaps they were late. Although ancient, they are beautiful in their pink blossom finery.

Leah said...

It's always fun to work at someone else's house/farm. The photos of Hallie with Mom and then Dad are keepers.

I'd like to see the "after" photos of the apple tree. It really did need a haircut.