Sunday, June 19, 2011


We’re back at the farm today after spending the past week in town so that Mike could participate in the Senior Games. He came away from the awards banquet last night with seven gold medals. Anyway, that’s his story to tell if he chooses to do so. I have trouble keeping up with the details.

When we got to town last Monday, I realized we had left behind two boxes on the floor in the den. They were just overlooked as we loaded the pick-up. Thankfully I didn’t need any of that stuff – food for thought in itself. Our only concern was for the bananas. I had folded a newspaper around them just to provide travel protection, but I didn’t know how much they would ripen in almost a week’s time or whether they would attract mice.

Well, I’m happy to report that while the bananas were soft and easily mashed, they hadn’t darkened a lot nor had they been bothered by nocturnal marauders. We figure it had stayed fairly cool in the house which retarded the ripening process. The four bananas were just right for the batter, which has now baked into two 8-inch loaves and is a welcome treat.
We won’t be here long – just a couple of days this trip. Mike and Ken are going to get wood on Wednesday. I’ll meet with friends and maybe I’ll finish the work apron I started as Mike’s Father’s Day present. 

The photo of Mike was taken this morning as he picked up a geocache along the Clearwater River. Since we can’t share the day with family, what’s better than to pursue an activity you love? Yesterday afternoon we found 13 of 16 caches along the Juliaetta-Kendrick path. It was pouring rain so I didn’t take pictures. KW


Hallie said...

That's a funny frog cache! I thought it was Dad and Ken who went geocaching yesterday--I didn't realize it was you. Well, if the rain kept us from getting out over here, we'd maybe never go anywhere. Glad you've had some fun!

Leah said...

Darned if that dark photo doesn't look like Ireland with the green hills and the cloudy day.

Happy Father's day, Mike and congrats on the gold medals.

Since it's father's day...advice my father gave me. "Always put dates on your photos." I do. He did. No one else in my family did. The elders are all gone and now I'm left with many photos of people I don't know and dates that I can't guess. Moral to the story...I'm glad for the photos that my father dated.

Kathy said...

It *was* a funny cache! It was placed by a caching friend of Mike's and his children. "Rescue Angue" it was called.

Leah, how nice that you a left a tribute to your dad here. As you know, I have family photos and very few are identified or dated. I am very fortunate to be able to identify what I can. And I consider it a blessing that you came along and we were able to shed some light on Jack and June's generation.