Monday, July 4, 2011


Our temperamental German Shorthair, Nellie, does not like loud "bangs," from broomsticks landing on the floor to shots from rifles and pistols to fireworks. So, last night as neighbors began to set off firecrackers and then more sophisticated fireworks, Nellie looked for a protected place to hide here in the house. She started on the floor in the kitchen, then skulked off to the master bath -- and finally she crawled into the shower where she stayed until Mike put her to bed.

The fireworks went on until midnight or so. I put on my earphones, selected a "Fibber McGee and Molly" podcast, and went to sleep. Load sounds don't bother me so much.

For a hunting dog, she's a little strange. But we've concluded that whatever makes her so timid also makes her an endearing pet. We're heading for quieter territory today -- the farm. Looking forward to it. KW


Leah said...

Ohhh poor Nellie. Being sensitive makes her a better dog, though. It's not just noise, but the smell of burned fireworks, that could be the cause of her distress.

My least favorite holiday when my son was growing up was Halloween. The choas began the minute I came home from work. Rush to make dinner, get Brian to eat, run to the door & greet goblins, insist Brian eat, run to the door & greet witches, help Brian get into his costume, run to the door & greet monsters and finally let Brian go out to trick or treat. It was exhausting. If we had had a dog, it would have been hiding about that time.

Hallie said...

Here we are calling Nellie weird, but aren't we the weird ones with this silly tradition? Guess she could have showered since she was there. ;)

debdog42 said...

Poor old Nellie! I feel sorry for dogs on the 4th.

Mike said...

Lest anyone be confused - when the shotgun comes out Nellie is ready to go. You wouldn't believe how excited she gets almost every morning when we make our trek to the barn to see if we can bag a pigeon.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Have missed seeing your posts while I was "out country" & now my computer is at doctor, so can just get in a bit here at work.

We had a quiet, but good 4th ourselves.

Kathy said...

You were probably ready for some quiet time, Dr. Molly. It's good to know you're back and I'm waiting to hear how things are at your homestead.

That's funny, Leah. Oh well, those years slip away and we're left with only the witches and goblins at the door.