Thursday, July 7, 2011


We’ve contracted for facia repair to the farmhouse because the flickers are destroying the window facings and other exposed wood. The workers came in from Lewiston yesterday, only to discover that the manlift wouldn’t open. After phone calls to the rental place failed to provide answers, the workers left to take it back to Lewiston for repairs, some 55 miles away. The workers seemed cheerful; the job estimator was not. The problem proved to be a sensor in one of the legs -- a 5-minute repair, they said.

The farmhouse was built in 1917, and sometimes we wonder what they were thinking to make the roof so steep. How did they think we would deal with repairs in the next century? Maybe they wanted a steep roof for snow control. Maybe they weren’t building with a lot of consideration for the future.
As we get older, working at heights is more problematic, and I was relieved when Mike suggested a long-term, if not permanent, fix – metal wraps.  

The workers said they would be back bright and early this morning. “What does that mean?” I asked Mike. He guessed 9:00, and he was about right. By that time I had dealt with my email, written a blog post, eaten my breakfast, read my study literature, ridden 6.5 miles on my bicycle, and assisted Mike in spraying pond algae. We country folk know what bright and early means.

The pruned wild rose bramble bush has bloomed in profusion -- and also grown again like the monster that it is. Hallie and Nick did it a world of good, but it will have to be done again -- done again -- done again -- like housework.
The old pear tree has set on some fruit, but due to the cold May, it did not bloom in profusion. Some years we pick fruit, some years we don't. But thanks to the pruning, it looks healthy.

And the Montmorency sour cherry tree planted last year has set on cherries that seem very small. Will they develop? Some leaves seem to have a shiny residue on them. And I picked off and tossed away some poor fruit and some wormy leaves. KW


Leah said...

The grandsons must be wishing they were there to see the manlift go up & down. It's even exciting to adults when all of this is going on in a normally peaceful part of the world.

Kathy said...

The grandsons would probably fool with it. It's bad enough that Mike uses it. He's cleaning the roof and affixing wire to the supports to keep the birds from roosting there. I'm keeping a low profile in the house.

Hallie said...

That rose bush is a work in progress. It will really be something in a couple years! Not sure about the small berries on the cherry tree. Is there something that we need to do?

Kathy said...

Rose -- I'm convinced that the rose will keep you busy if that's what you want to do. But hopefully it will be easier as time goes on. The wild rose exalts Life in prolific growth.

Montmorency -- I've read some forums. Apparently you don't do much. I'll dig the grass out, mulch, remove wormy leaves and fruit. You can't spray after the fruit has set on. The tree looks good and has lots of new growth, so if the harvest isn't good this year, there's always next year.